Lost Buddha

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Lost Buddha

Post by Dharmarakshita » Thu Jul 04, 2013 5:20 pm

Hi all,
I would like to introduce myself to the group. I am
Mahesh from India , by profession a Maths teacher. I also keep a
lot of inquisitiveness in Buddhist faith. I am Hindu converted to
Buddhism. I have also attended a few Vipassanna courses as taught by
Revered Goenka.You all must be aware that India witnessed mass
conversion of untouchable castes to Buddhism in 1956.I belong to its
first generation that is still grappling with understanding of
Dhamma.Dr. B R Ambedkar was our saviour. Who studied all the Religions
diligently to guide us and present this gem of Buddha to us.Who
believed that present Hinduism is modified Buddhism.Many Buddhist
shrines/stupas were over taken and converted to Hindu shrines.Once
upon a time 80% of population was Buddhist and Prakarit(pali) language
was highly rated. There is a deity by name “Vitthala”in India. Dr.
Ambedkar was going to present a research paper to prove that it was
originally a Buddha image .However work remained incomplete due to his
passing away in December 1956.The main epithet used with Vitthala is
‘Panduranga’.Without any formal training in Pali, I am finding it
difficult to know or relate and deduce anything to connect this deity
and Buddha image.Many Bodhisattvas image were venerated by monks.I am
just a layman trying to compile all possible evidences in my spare
time. I hope ,I learn a lot about the possibility of correlation of
these words with the above said belief of Dr. B. R.Ambedkar. Hope you
all reflect on this.

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Re: Lost Buddha

Post by DNS » Thu Jul 04, 2013 7:37 pm

Welcome to Dharma Wheel!

You mentioned Goenka, vipassana, and Pali, so you might also want to check out:

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Re: Lost Buddha

Post by Dharmarakshita » Thu Oct 17, 2013 6:44 pm

Hii and thanks David, for the links.

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