Buddha kshetra - The Buddha-field

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Buddha kshetra - The Buddha-field

Post by kalden yungdrung » Wed Dec 15, 2010 7:13 pm

Dear readers, :)

According the Avatamsaka Sutra is there a general activity of all Buddhas.
It shows us that there is no difference between a Buddha and a Buddha.
Oh yes the name might be different of course.

All Buddhas:
move in mysterious fields which are beyond comprehension.

That is to say, all Buddhas sit in one place, and yet pervade all the worlds, incalculable in number;
- they preach one phrase of truth in which all the teachings of Buddha are : they emit one ray of light which uniformly illumines ...all worlds;
- they manifest each in his one body all the Buddha-bodies;
- they reveal all the worlds at one spot;
- they give in one knowledge a final explanation of all things;
- they move about in one in all the worlds of the ten quarters;
- they manifest in one thought all the inconceivable virtues and powers of all the Tathagatas;
- they perceive in one thought all the Buddhas and beings of past, present, and future, and yet their minds show no sign disturbance;
- they identify themselves in one thought with all the Buddhas of the past, present, and future, showing that they are in substance one.

Yes remarkable this Dorje Thekpa Sutra, the Avatamsaka, where the uniformity of ALL the Buddhas is explained.

It is also what i all the time thought, the most of the sentient beings are in the state of Ma rigpa not knowing their inherent Buddha Nature or their Natural State (Dzogchen).

Here there is only a "temporal state" of dwelling in illusion of subject and object.
Nevertheless this dwelling in illusion, can be of a very long duration /time.
And also here we see many similarities between all unrealised sentient beings who dwell in the 6 " Samsaric Realms", have suffering, illusions, karma, extremes etc.

But when there are so many similarities among the unrealised then this must be also the case with the realised sentient beings or Buddhas.

- So the only big difference, would be between matter and no matter / mind ?
- Was , is matter mind made or never created?

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