Summary of Mahayana Buddhism

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Summary of Mahayana Buddhism

Post by Thug4lyfe » Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:01 pm

In the form of "The 8 realisation of a Bodhisattva sutra"

For all disciples of the Buddha,
Each morning and night,
Recite with a sincere mind,
These eight realizations of a bodhisattva.

First, realize that this world is impermanent and that nations are dangerous and fragile. The four great elements lead to suffering and are empty and the five aggregates are without a self. All things arise, cease, change, and become different; they are illusory, not real, and cannot be controlled. The mind is the source of unwholesomeness and the body is a gathering of wrongdoings. Contemplate this and you will gradually turn away from the cycle of birth and death.

Second, realize that more desire causes more suffering. The weariness of the cycle of birth and death arises from greed and desire. Lessen desire and be without any wishes and the body and mind will be at ease.

Third, realize that the mind cannot be satisfied but only seeks more, increasing its wrongdoing and unwholesomeness. A bodhisattva is not like this; he is always satisfied with what he has, is peaceful in poverty, and upholds the way. Wisdom is his only concern.

Fourth, realize that laziness leads to downfall. Be diligent and break through the evil of affliction. Defeat the four kinds of mara and escape the prison of the five aggregates and the three realms.

Fifth, realize that ignorance gives rise to the cycle of birth and death. A bodhisattva is always mindful, studies widely, listens more, increase his wisdom, and becomes more eloquent in order to teach all beings great joy.

Sixth, realize that those who are poor and suffering have more resentment, and that this leads them to create unwholesome conditions. A bodhisattva practices giving and has equal concern for friend and foe. He does not recollect past unwholesome deeds committed against him, nor does he hate unwholesome people.

Seventh, realize that wrongdoing comes from the five desires. Even though you are an ordinary person, do not be stained by worldly pleasures. Always be mindful of the triple robe, the bowl, and dharma instruments, and be willing to leave home, uphold the way purely, practice the holy life well, and have compassion for all beings.

Eighth, realize that the cycle of birth and death is a raging fire and that suffering is boundless. Initiate the Mahayana mind to universally help all beings and vow to shoulder the boundless suffering of sentient beings so that all sentient beings may reach great joy.

These eight realizations are the realizations of all Buddhas and bodhisattvas. Diligently practice the way and compassionately cultivate wisdom. Take the Great Dharma Vessel and reach the shore of nirvana, then return again to the cycle of birth and death to liberate sentient beings. Use these eight realizations to teach all beings and allow sentient beings to awaken to the suffering of the cycle of birth and death, turn away from the five desires, and cultivate the mind on the noble path. If a disciple of the Buddha recites these eight realizations in every thought he can eliminate boundless wrongdoings, progress towards bodhi, and quickly attain right enlightenment, forever cut off birth and death and always be happy.

- By Venerable Master Hsing Yun. Translated by Tom Graham

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