Sayings of Tripitaka Dharma Master

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Sayings of Tripitaka Dharma Master

Post by ground » Fri Jan 13, 2012 7:05 am

"If mind has something to value, it will surely have something to despise. If mind has something to affirm, it must have something that it negates. If mind takes one thing to be good, then all other things are nongood. If mind has affection for one person, then all other persons become people whom he has a grudge against. Mind does not abide in forms, nor does it abide in formlessness. It does not abide in abiding, nor does it abide in no-abiding. If mind has abiding, it will not avoid being roped in. If mind has a place where it
functions, then it is bondage. If mind values dharmas, dharmas will keep you back. If mind
honors one dharma, mind necessarily will have something it considers inferior. When you try
to grasp the meaning of sutras and treatises, you should not value understanding. If there
are places that you understand then your mind has something to be connected to. If mind has
something to be connected to, then it is bondage. The sutra says: 'It is not through inferior, middle, or superior dharmas that one attains nirvana.' Even though mind has entered delusion, you must not produce a thought of delusionlessness. When mind arises, rely on Dharma to gaze at the place it arises from. If mind discriminates, rely on Dharma to gaze at the place of discrimination. Whether greed, anger, or stupidity, rely on dharma to gaze at the place they arise from. Not seeking the place they arise from is cultivating the path. If there is arising of mind, then investigate and, rely on dharma, tidy up!"

excerpt from The Bodhidharma Anthology, J. L. Broughton

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