Vajrayana in China

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Re: Vajrayana in China

Post by Rakshasa » Wed Feb 13, 2013 7:06 pm

Read about Fahai Lama of China (who is Han, not Tibetan) who is a master of Dzogchen and even Namkhai Norbu has met him and acknowledged his attainment. He is known to have taught a student of Ven. Hsu Yun himself!

Read the full book here ... n-in-China

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Re: Vajrayana in China

Post by Huifeng » Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:08 am

Huseng wrote:
Huifeng wrote: In general, genuine teachers of both these traditions get along just fine. After over 1000 years of being neighbours, the majority of Tibetan and Chinese traditions get along really well in my experience, and there is a huge amount of commonality between them. Recent political events have often obscured that connection, which I feel is very sad.

~~ Huifeng

Cordial perhaps, but how far would most Chinese teachers allow their disciples to practice Tibetan Vajrayāna? For instance, at FGS if you wanted to leave for a few months to get tantric initiations (the ones with consort visualizations) and actively practice it afterwards, would your superiors be okay with that?
Not sure. Some years ago FGS sent a whole bunch of novices to train in Tibetan monasteries in India for a number of years. Did they learn trantric practices, I am not sure. In general, from my little understanding of tantra, it's not something to discuss in a public forum. So, whether or not I have received such teachings is neither-confirm-nor-deny at this point. Likewise for others at FGS. I can't speak for other monasteries or teachers, though it's a diverse situation...

~~ Huifeng

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