Do Tummo-practitioners describe this?

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Re: Do Tummo-practitioners describe this?

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zenman wrote:
bryandavis wrote:
I'd like to ask if they describe an experience in which the kundalini/candali rises the central channel up above the head and then settles into the heart area for good never to rise or descend again? After this all kundalini traffic in the spine ends.
No, because there is nothing going on with the spine and kundalini energy in tummo.
Oh, OK. I thought tummo was all about that. Well... are any vajrayana practices concerned with breathing in the spine and kundalini? I guess the term "candali yoga" is familiar in vajrayana which obviously should have to do with this issue. Yes? No?
Energy work in Vajrayana Buddhism really isn't like energy work in Hindu Tantra. It's probably best to leave such things be until you are given the teachings by a master.
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Re: Do Tummo-practitioners describe this?

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Zenman, if you want to know about Tummo, check out Lama Yeshe's book: The Bliss of Inner Fire.
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