"continuum of the Dharma" - able to access all nirmanakaya emanations

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"continuum of the Dharma" - able to access all nirmanakaya emanations

Postby prsvrnc » Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:40 pm

"Practitioners who have generated the concentration arising out of calm abiding and attained the state known as the 'continuum of the Dharma' are able to access all supreme nirmanakaya emanations wherever they reside and continuously enjoy the Dharma from them" (Yangsi Rinpoche, Practicing the Path, p. 127).

What does this mean? The practitioner can sort of intuitively access their teachings from afar? Kind of like they are connected telepathically or as if they were watching a Livestream? (haha)
And are they able to identify all nirmanakaya emanations that exist at that time, all Buddhas everywhere on Earth at least, without having met them or been told about them, and even sort of know their name, or is it more general than that?

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