Bodhicharyavatara Questions (2 of ?)

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Bodhicharyavatara Questions (2 of ?)

Post by CicadaCanto » Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:31 pm

BCA-Q4: I know Mipham's Norbu Ketaka is fairly terse. Does it have a place in a traditional Nyingma shedra? Or...

BCA-Q5: ... do people just study such commentaries as Khenpo Kungzang Palden's commentary on the BCA?

BCA-Q6: I know it is said, that Khenpo Kunpal "followed" Mipham's NK. I am not a scholar (this is obvious) so it is not clear to me if Khenpo Kunpal's Drops of Nectar is considered a commentary on Mipham's Norbu Ketaka? or does he color outside Mipham's lines?

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