The Real "Dark Age"

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Re: The Real "Dark Age"

Post by Virgo » Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:11 am

I asked people to stay on topic, but apparently they have an inability to follow a simple direction. I came back and there are a number of off-topic posts here - after my previous message - which I have removed.

Thread locked. People here do not have enough impulse control to stay on-topic.


Have a nice day.

ངོ་རང་ཐོག་ཏུ་སྤྲད། །
ཐག་གཅིག་ཐོག་ཏུ་བཅད། །
གདེང་གྲོལ་ཐོག་ཏུ་བཅའ། ། ... -phone-use


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