Kathog monastery seeks translator working at Chengdu, China

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Kathog monastery seeks translator working at Chengdu, China

Post by Karma Samten » Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:42 pm

Kathog monastery is looking for a translator working on a 3-year commitment at Kathog branch office at Chengdu, China - the nearest major city to Kham area of Tibet.

Job Functions
- Provide translating service for teachings, documentations, and so on.

- Trilingual in Tibetan (mandatory), Chinese, English
- Good understanding of Tibetan Buddhism
- 3 years commitment

(from Dharma perspective)
- Measureless merits (of course)
- Countless opportunities of close contacts to the Khenpos, Rinpoches, Tulkus, Lamas, and teachings, within Kathog linage

(Worldly dharma perspective)
- Car, Accommodation are provided
- Above average salary (in China, of course)

Please PM your contact if interested.

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