Ngondro: A Stand Alone Practice For You?

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Re: Ngondro: A Stand Alone Practice For You?

Post by pemachophel » Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:24 pm

I agree ngon-dro can be one's sole practice for one's entire life, especially if one has no intention to eventually teach others. But if nothing else was useful or good to do, there wouldn't be ngon-shi (the so-called main practices, such as the Three Roots in all Their myriad variations). Other practices give you the skillful means of dealing with various situations in a more focused way. Also, if one is going to teach others, it is generally considered good to have done a variety of practices. This seems to me to be based on the idea of 84,000 doors to the Dharma. Not every practice is the best one for every student.

IME, one of the abilities of really good Lamas is to identify which is the karmically best practice for each student or a single student at different times. For instance, my Teacher held a number of different dog-pas/turning back/reversing (negativity) practices and He gave different people different dog-pa depending on their situation and karmic proclivities. In His case, He determined this through mirror divination.
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