Help to distinguish lineages

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Help to distinguish lineages

Post by BodhiBodhi » Fri Oct 05, 2018 7:02 am


I, as a beginner, am so overwhelmed by lineages - for example, there are many types of Nyingtiks in Nyingma school, and some types of *pa in Kagyu school.

They must be the same in the end in terms of Buddha nature, but path seems to be a little or more different. As I've searched, a type of Nyingtik is more focusing on body than others, for example. As a stater, finding suitable one for me is not easy due to lack of information.

I am not asking a line of teachers, but curious about unique aspects, unique ways of practicing, general characteristics, length of time to learn,lineage holders, etc. in preliminaries and main practices for each lineage. My interest confines to Kagyu and Nyingma, and whoever experienced 2 or more lineages would have more insights with discretion to share.

I understand your respect on your own lineage, but please help not to debate on ""That is inferior" or similar basis, but to be informative with Bodhicitta.

With Bow and Compassion,

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