The love/hate relationship with ngondro

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Re: The love/hate relationship with ngondro

Post by narraboth » Wed Mar 02, 2011 6:27 pm

tamdrin wrote:
narraboth wrote:Anyone who teach you even one line of dharma is your teacher, Buddha said if you don't consider he or she as your teacher who gave you a big favor, you accumulate huge negative karma, not to mention those who gave you Vajrayana empowerment/ transmission/ instruction. You didn't just 'meet' them, you became their student if they taught you dharma.


Where did Buddha say this? If this is so then how could one potentially check out a teacher (to see if one wants to make a connection or not) without hearing some of their teaching. If this is true what you are saying than every person's book you read automatically becomes your teacher. I don't buy it.
It's from Dzongkapa's Lam Rim, but not his word, it's he qoute Buddha's words. It's all available in bookshop or even on line, just check it.
I think that's why people should study sutrayana before they get into Vajrayana, otherwise they will be shocked when they hear something they should really have known.

Taking someone as a teacher is a bit different from taking someone as your root guru, but respecting a teacher (no matter what kind of) is very much a tradition in eastern culture. As a Mahayana Buddhist we should even repect any being, not to mention one who gives us a bit buddha dharma.

Still, buying it or not is your busniess. Buddha also said: check my words like checking gold before you buy. But that's for people who want to become Buddhists I guess. I don't understand if you don't buy some of buddha's words, how can you still say you take refuge to buddha dharma.

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