Logic of multiplication dates

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Re: Logic of multiplication dates

Post by Pero » Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:00 pm

Adamantine wrote:Some say the whole month is a multiplication month, but I don't know the source.. The Rigpa calendar does not mention this. Disregarding previous years, this year the month of Saga Dawa began with a solar eclipse on the new moon, has an eclipse again on the full moon of Saga Dawa Duchen and then the month closes with yet another eclipse. According to even western astrology these periods between eclipses are extremely powerful transitional times, and more people die during these times than any others because people who have weak life force have a hard time withstanding the power of the transition. From Indian traditional perspective like in the link above eclipses only have negative connotation but through tantric practice can be harnessed and channeled for powerful positive effect. I've also heard them described as simply raw power that can be directed to good or bad effect.

The fourth month is also in the northern equatorial the ascending period of the summer ---> the peak season of heat and growth. It is to the 365 day long solar cycle what the 10th day is to the lunar cycle ----still building, but not quite full, it demarcates the expression of fulfilling potential in a yang or masculine form. I am just imagining some reasons why the fourth month in particular may have some special significance in the yearly cycle. Perhaps it is worth asking a Tibetan astrologer though.
I see, that's interesting.
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Re: Logic of multiplication dates

Post by narraboth » Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:26 pm

In sutra, there are several days in each month mentioned: full moon, new moon, 8th etc, people are suggested to do nyu nel at those days. Buddha didn't say one's karma will increase on those days. But one sutra says bodhisattva should 'respect' those auspicious days and avoid negative behaviors.

for 'four holy days', it's said that Atisha taught it.
The early version is: miracle month/ 1st to 15th of first month (not 1st to 30th), triple exellency day/ 15th of fourth month, first turning dharma wheel day/ 4th or sixth month, and back from the heaven day / 22nd of 9th month.
plus all solar and lunar elicpse.

and then you got people say more and more days which merit and negativity would be 'multiplicated':
some people say the whole first month count, then the whole fourth month count, third month is kalachakra month, and 9th month is 'minor miracle month'.... every 1st, 8th, 10th, 15th, 25th, 30th are all multipicated.... I remember in a chinese buddhism forum someone asked: 'so now which day is not multiplicated?'

I personally only mark the original atisha version on my tibetan calendar, plus great masters' memorial days. It's said in kalachakra tantra that if we do puja on great guru's passing day, there will be great benefit. On the time of eclipse there are practices could be done, which is described in dzogchen and kalachakra tantra. All those are enough to keep me busy. I still try to respect all lunar auspicious days such as 8th, 15th and 30th, and ofcourse 10th and 25th, just for good interdependence rather than thinking of multiplication.

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Re: Logic of multiplication dates

Post by gnegirl » Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:40 pm

On that note, Saturday is Guru Rinpoche day :)
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