Prayers for Shenpen Rinpoche's health and recovery

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Prayers for Shenpen Rinpoche's health and recovery

Post by Pero » Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:27 pm
Lodreu Thubten wrote:Last night, while walking outside, Shenpen Rinpoche was aggressed by two persons, who stabed him on the right side of the chest. Although Rinpoche is now fine, his lung was punctured, no blood came inside, and he can breathe normally, but your prayers are requested to help him recover quickly and without complications.
Because of the importance of the situation, as this attack was clearly planned, for safety reasons the center wi...ll be closed for the week to come, there will be no practices, and teaching.
To help the situation, and especially as we are coming close to the Saka Dawa, it is advised to do prayers, recite the medecine Buddha mantra and do the Sadhana. To help remove obstacles to Rinpoche's quick recovery and help prevent further possiblilities of physical harm, it is important to keep a calm mind and see that situation at the light of the teachings received throughout all the years, keeping Bodhicitta in heart and meditating on Emptiness. Practices of offerings are also beneficial, Lama chopa with Tsog, Guru Rinpoche with Tsog, Sur offerings etc... with extensive dedications.
To help us manage the situation in the easiest way, thank you to do not call on the Dharmaling numbers, or send extra e mails to try to get extra or personal informations. Thank you to do not try to visit Rinpoche, as he needs to rest for the coming days and already cannot disconnect himself completely from all the actvities.

Updates will be posted as they come, Rinpoche is now in stable condition, and police investigation is going on.
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Re: Prayers for Shenpen Rinpoche's health and recovery

Post by kirtu » Mon Jun 13, 2011 3:06 pm

May Lama Shenpen quickly be healed. May he be well, happy, peaceful and protected from all harm. May all negativity be dazzled into submission by the power and wisdom of the Buddhas and then transformed into liberting wisdom.

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