Vajra 7 Line Prayer

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Vajra 7 Line Prayer

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Root Meaning

HUM, invokes the selfarisen wisdom that brings the realization of the face of the ultimate primordial wisdom. The light of the heart, ogyen yul and its kyi inner ultimate sphere nub, outer ultimate sphere chang, and the water light of the eyes,tsam, and the light of the pure ultimate sphere and the light of emptiness thigle, pema with the vajra chainsthe power of the intrinsic awareness, kesar are present for us. Upon, la firmly stabilizing intrinsic awareness on them through contemplation,dongpo, One achieves,nye the marvelous, yatsen, first three visions, sNang Ba and attains the supreme siddhi, chogki' ngodrub, the fourth vision. This attainment is renowned, zhesu trag as the attainment of the primordial Buddhahood,Pema Jungne.

Then the light of selfarisen wisdom emanates,kor many,mangpo rays and thigles as its manifesting power rTsal khortu moving about in space , khadro. I contemplate, dag drub kyee on the natural vision of original purity,khye kyi jesu. In order to,chir attain the rainbow vajra body of great transformation,shegsu sol, may I purify all phenomena into the expanse of primordial wisdom,chinkyee lab.

This supreme GURU, unstained PADMA, and ultimate attainment SIDDHI is amazing HUM.



Natural, selfarisen primordial wisdom dwells primordially as the ultimate nature Ch'os Nyid of the mind. However, because of the impactedness of karma and emotional afflictions, the ultimate nature has been covered and its face Rang Zhal could not be observed.


HUM signifies the essence of spontaneously accomplished thogal, the selfarisen primordial wisdom. Thogal brings about the vision of the true face of self arisen primordial wisdom from the state of spontaneously accomplished luminous absorption, even for us ordinary people, if we follow the instructions of this supreme yana.

Line l. Orgyen yul signifies the light of the heart Tsita Sha Yi sGron Ma. The youthful body in a vase, gZhon Nu Bum sKu, the radiant thigle of primordial wisdom, dwells invisibly Nub in the space of the vajra body, the inner ultimate sphere Nang Gi dByings.

Chang is the outer ultimate sphere, the clearly appearing space, the cloudless sky. Tsham, the channel of the two outer and inner spheres, is the water light of the eyes rGyang Zhag Ch'u Yi sGron Ma.

Line 2. Through the water light of the eyes, in the outer ultimate sphere, appears the pure sky blue, clean, with nets of rainbow rays beautified by circular thigle, like mirrors. All these are the light of the pure ultimate sphere,dByings rNam Dag Gi sGron Ma.

Then, by gaining experience at that, the light of emptiness thigle,Thig Le sTong Pa'i sGron Ma in red clear round, and clean willarise like designs on water made by throwing a stone in a pond. These two lights sGron Ma function as the ground, a container, or a house. They are both signified by the pema lotus.

Kesar, pistil signifies the vajra chain, rDo rJe Lu Gu rGyud, which is the power of intrinsic awareness Rig gDangs. It is the essence of the light of selfarisen wisdom,Shes Rab Rang Byung Gi sGron Ma and the self radiance of the actual intrinsic awareness, primordial wisdom.

Dongpo, stem signifies stabilization of the ultimate sphere, dByings and the intrinsic awareness, Rig Pa by confining the power of intrinsic awareness, Rig gDangs in the realm of the ultimate sphere and pressing the point, gNad gZhi Ba through the thought free natural mode of intrinsic awareness Rig Pa Rang Bab rTog Med. By getting experience in la, those skillful means,

Line 3. One will achieve the four confidences gradually and will accomplish the marvelous visions of the direct realization of the ultimate nature Ch'os Nyid mNgon gSum, the development of experiences Nyams Gong 'Phel, and the perfection of the intrinsic awareness Rig Pa Tshad Phebs. After that, one will achieve the state of dissolution of all dharmas into the ultimate nature Ch'os Nyid Zad Pa,the supreme attainment, the state of Vajradhara in this very life.

Line 4. Then one will be inseparable from the Mind of Pema Jungne, who is the primordial Buddha Samantabhadra. So, "He is renowned as Pema Jungne."

Line 5. Though not moving from the state of evenness of the light of selfarisen wisdom, there will be spontaneous emanation of manifesting power,rTsal of that self arisen wisdom, in the form of many clear and moving rainbow rays, thigles, and small thigles in the space.

Line 6. At that time all these developments are the mere power of intrinsic awareness. So, one contemplates on the luminous absorption of the four natural contemplations,Chog bZhag bZhi in the unmodified natural vision of original purity,Ka Dag.

Line 7. By practicing like that, may I purify all the phenomena produced by the impure karmic energy into the expanse of indestructible primordial wisdom to attain the rainbow vajra body of great transformation JaLus Pho Ba Chen Po.


The path of innermost essence of the luminous absorption is the extraordinary training, as it meditates on the result, the Buddhahood itself, as the path of training. So, it is supreme GURU, and immaculate PADMA, and the ultimate attainment in this very lifetime SIDDHI. Amazing HUM!


Root Meaning

HUM invokes the primordial wisdom.The esoteric training awakens one's tantric lineage ogyen yul of the Mind that kyi transcends the juncture tsam of sinking nub in the samsara and liberating chang from it through the attainment of the speech pema, mind kesar, and body dongpo of the Buddhas, and la, the primordial wisdom of the attainment is marvelous yatsen. This is the attainment nye of the supreme accomplishment chogki nogdrub, the state of Vajradhara,

Which is renowned zhesu trag as the selfarisen absolute Padmasambhava, Pema Jungne This wisdom is with kor infinite mangpo manifestation, boundless as space kha, functioning dro as its power khortu.I remain dagdrub kyee in the realized state jesu of effortless nature, primordial purity khekyi.

In order for,chir phenomenal existents to arise as the mandala of the four vajras chinkyee lab, may I attain shegsu sol the mandala of the primordial basis.
This is the realization HUM of the path and wisdom which is supreme GURU, unstained PADMA ultimate attainment SIDDHI.



HUM,the sacred primordial wisdom.


Line 1. The country of Oddiyana ogyen yul is a source of tantras and the definition of the word Oddiyana is "going by flying." In tantra, the awakening of one's tantric lineage sNgags Kyi Rigs Sad Pa, of one's own mind and attaining liberation from the swamp of dualistic gNyis sNang, appearances of samsara is very swift, like flying.
By awakening the mind, one transcends the juncture Tsam of samsara and nirvana by liberating chang it from sinking nub in the mud of samsara purifying it from all the defilements and dissolving illusory appearances into the ultimate sphere.

Line 2. The attainment of the purity of all sound as the mandala of speech, Pema, the perfection of all thoughts as the mandala of mind kesar, and the maturation of all appearances as the mandala of body dongpo,the three secret aspects gSang Ba gSum of Buddhahood and La

Line 3. The primordial wisdom of the attainment, which is oneness and evenness, is marvelous yatsen. When one realizes this, it is the attainment of the indivisibility of the basis and result, the supreme attainment chogki ngodrub, the state of Vajradhara.

Line 4. This attainment is renowned zhesu trag as the absolute Padmasambhava Pema Jungne,Line 5. And its nature is that it does not stray from the primordial ground. Yet from the primordial wisdom, there arise kor infinite mangpo, functions dro of manifestations of samsara and nirvana as boundless as the sky kha, appearing as its power khor.


Line 6. If, having realized the meaning of the nature and reality of this attainment, one then remains in it without being diverted, then just as no stone can be found on an island made all of gold, so all the impure appearances will come to an end, and only primordially pure appearances will arise. One will attain liberation from all the bonds of karma and from the emotional afflictions. All good qualities will be accomplished spontaneously and effortlessly, and one will attain the Dharmakaya stage permanently. So it is the remaining dagdrub kyee in the realized state jesu of the primordial purity khyekyi.

Line 7. All phenomenal existents arise in the form of the mandala of the four vajras Vajra body, vajra speech, vajra mind, and vajra primordial wisdom of the Buddhas, chinkyee lab chir the blessings of the primordial wisdom of one s own mind. This attainment arises as the result of attaining shegsu sol the primordial basis, the ultimate truth.


This is the realization HUM of the path and wisdom which is supreme GURU, unstained PADMA ultimate attainment SIDDHI.


First, the practice of The Vajra Seven Line Prayer as Guru Yoga, according to the common meaning, will cause the arising of the profound primordial wisdom. By learning the crucial points of the paths of liberation, skillful means, or great perfection from a qualified Lama and practicing them diligently, one will achieve confidence in the realization, the result itself as expounded in the teachings, and will reach the state of Vidyadhara, knowledge holder.

With unshakable faith, visualize Guru Rinpoche, the embodiment of all refuges, on the crown of one's head. Pray to him strongly with The Vajra Seven-Line Prayer. By the nectar pouring down from the body of the Guru, all the illness, bad karma, and sufferings of one's body, speech, and mind are washed away in the form of pus, blood, insects, soot, and offal. At the end, one's own body dissolves, like salt into water, and then the liquid goes down into the mouth of Yamaraja, the Lord of Death, and other creditors of karma beneath the ground. Believe that it has satisfied all of them and that all the debts are cleared. At the end, one should regard them all as having vanished into emptiness.

Again, visualize your own body in the form of the radiant body of a divinity whichever form you like. In the heart of the divinity, at the center of an eight-petaled lotus, the Lama comes down from the crown of your head and becomes one with the indestructible essence,bindu, the primordial wisdom. Then one should remain in the blissful primordial wisdom.

The post meditative period should be treated as follows: all appearances viewed as a pure land and as divinities, food and drink as offerings, and the activities of sitting and walking as prostration and circumnambulation. When you sleep, you should visualize the Guru in your heart. In all daily activities you should try to transform everything into virtuous practices without interval. It is important to visualize the Lama in the sky before you and to present offerings, offer praise, invoke his mind, and receive the blessings of his body, speech, and mind. This is because generally the good qualities of the higher realms of liberation, and especially the development of realization of the profound path, depend only on the entry of the blessings of the Guru into one's own mind.

In order to attain the absolute primordial wisdom in one's own mind, one must become familiar with the teachings given in the sutras and tantras in general and, in particular, with the instruction on the direct introduction Ngo 'Phrod to the absolute primordial wisdom Don Gyi Ye Shes. And, according to one's experience, realization, and ability, one should meditate on any of the paths of liberation or skillful means that is appropriate for oneself. By doing this, one will achieve the fulfillment of both the temporary and the ultimate result.

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Re: Vajra 7 Line Prayer

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Buddha said all is empty like my brain.
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Re: Vajra 7 Line Prayer

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Awesome, thank you :)

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Re: Vajra 7 Line Prayer

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Re: Vajra 7 Line Prayer

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Wow! Now that's what I call chanting! I wish I could take part in such a thing.
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