Prayer of the Three Kayas

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Prayer of the Three Kayas

Post by phantom59 » Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:02 pm

Whatever is seen through the eyes the outer universe and the living
beings within
However they seem, remain in a state of non grasping to them as real.
In such freedom from duality, all things are seen as divine form,
luminous yet empty.
Invoke the guru naturally, free of desire and attachment;
I invoke Orgyen Pema Jungne.
Whatever sounds are heard through the ears be they pleasant or
Hear them as sounds of emptiness; remain in that state without
Empty sounds are the Buddha's speech, beginningless and endless.
I invoke the Buddha's speech of sound and emptiness;
I invoke Orgyen Pema Jungne.
Whatever thoughts stir within the mind
Whichever emotion-laden thoughts of the five poisons arise
Do not alter the mind by retracing the past or anticipating the future.
When thoughts settle naturally into themselves, liberation into the
body of ultimate truth is attained.
I invoke the guru of intrinsically liberated awareness;
I invoke Orgyen Pema Jungne.
May grasping to what seems outer the world be purified.
May fixation on what seems inner the mind be liberated.
May what lies between clear light be self aware.
Buddhas of the three times, through your compassion, may the minds
of all beings like me be freed.

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Re: Prayer of the Three Kayas

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