We all have Tathagatagharba

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We all have Tathagatagharba

Postby phantom59 » Sat Jun 09, 2012 6:19 pm

'No matter who we are and where we are we all have the Buddha’s mind, the seed, we need to develop it and realise it, to bring it more into our lives, our ordinary waking consciousness. We need to bring the Buddha’s qualities and all the teachings are about bring the qualities of the Buddha forward, which is basically saying bringing the pure mind into our lives: compassionate mind, wisdom mind, confident powerful mind relating to these core states of our mind, core states or core activities. What is a state and what is an activity? We experience activities as states, state implies something static but the mind doesn’t exist as state, the mind exist as an activity, the mind exists as movement or energy of awareness and knowledge. Awareness and knowing, there is huge teaching of the mind in this way. The awareness and the knowing are the fundamental nature of mind, when knowledge becomes restricted in term of beliefs its still kind of knowing but limiting knowing; so we need to break up the limitations of beliefs and get to pure knowledge or pure experience; experiential knowledge.' Gerard Allan

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