Jampal Lodoe Rinpoche : July 28 Guru Rinpoche Birthday

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Jampal Lodoe Rinpoche : July 28 Guru Rinpoche Birthday

Post by phantom59 » Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:00 pm

Hi everyone

I hope you guys joining the puja with us we have a special event on July 28th and 29th! On 28th we are performing the 8th different form of Guru Rinpoche Dance that will start on Nepal timing 9:30 am Taiwan and Singapore timing 11:45 am and will be finish around 12:00 am of nepal timing. that will be around 2:15 pm of Taiwan and Singapore timing and then we have a fire puja on same day at 1:00 pm of Nepal timing and 3:15 of Singapore and Taiwan timing and at the 7:00 pm of Nepal timing we receiving the kanlu(nectar) of the 10 days puja from mandala that's all on 28th and then on 29th the last day of puja,

We have a offering lama dance for all Buddhas and Dharma Protector on 9:30 of Nepal timing and 11:45 of Taiwan and Singapore timing and at 1 o'clock we have a guru rinpoche long life empowerment and the Amrita and all blessing of 10 days puja that done without stop chanting 24 hours for 10 days the count of mantra is over 1 and half billion! So I hope you all can join puja from ustream this year and maybe next year you guys can come Nepal and experience this puja in here at Nepal:) I wish so:)

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