21 Tara Puja for Chene Lhundup Rinpoche

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21 Tara Puja for Chene Lhundup Rinpoche

Post by phantom59 » Sat Aug 25, 2012 5:16 pm

Event : 21 Tara Puja for the Long Life of Chene Lhundup Rinpoche
Date : August 26 2:00pm
Venue : 6 Parry Avenue (nearest MRT Kovan North East Line)
Map :
http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_tra ... ite_92391/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
From Upper Serangoon Road
Lowland Road > Richards Avenue > Glasgow Road > Phillips Avenue > Parry Avenue
From Yio Chu Kang Road
Chuan Hoe Road > Parry Avenue
MRT : http://www.transitlink.com.sg/eservice/ ... il_idx.php" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Bus :
Organizer : Mr Chua
Website : http://rigzin.org/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/Choling2012s" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Prayer for Long Life of Chene Lhundup Rinpoche



Teaxt Message From Dharma Brother

Hi All

A 21 Tara Puja is conducted for Chene Rinpoche who is currently sick and
admitted to hospital today (August 25)We certainly hope you can join us in this
blessing puja for Chene Rinpoche wishing him Long Life and to get well soon

Chene Lhundup Rinpoche was born in 1932 at Minphel Khang Tsheldang Central Bhutan He studied and practiced under the late Holiness Penlop Khen Rinpoche and Eminence Geshe Pema Thinley Rinpoche His father the great Yogi Drupchu Dorji was a long time follower of the great lama Togden Sacha Sherig from Tibet Because of his pure mind, inner dedication and devotion towards his master he was the only one to recieve a most sacred Phurba a hidden treasure of Guru Rimpoche

discovered by a terton The Phurba has been the sole relic in Rinpoche's community and has cured many people from hazardous diseases One of Rinpoche's main practice is Vajrakilaya and he is highly adept in a vast repertire of sacred skills and methods as was predicted by Holiness Penlop Khen Rinpoche and Eminence Geshe Pema Thinley Rinpoche Ocvercoming many hardships he bulit Tsheldang Gompa in 1970 and Urgyen Choling Monastery to preserve and transmit Buddhist teachings
Chene Lhundup Rinpoche was bestowed many karma and terma teachings by the late Holiness Dudjom and Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche in all 4 Vajrayana traditions

Chene Lhundrup Rimpoche was a great luminary of Tibetan Buddhism. One of his principle teachers, Polop Khen Rimpoche (1898-1967), prophesied and encouraged him to spread world peace through Stupa building all over the Country.

As a symbol of his wish to fulfill his teacher’s prophecy, Chene Lhundrup Rimpoche himself traveled throughout many places and built more than thirty stupas all over Bhutan as of now. The vision of Chene lhendup could not met without a stupa in his own Monastery. Financial constraint was the only key factor that kept him behind so long. Now with the help of Khenpo Rigzin Wanghcuk ( the newly appointed khenpo in Orgyen Chholing Monastery, Rimpoche and khenpo Rigzin Wangchuk are in the process and plans of coming up with the Parinirvana Stupa for his last wish to fulfill his root teacher and all mother sentient beings near the main temple in Tsheldang, Bhutan. The stupa is particularly good for overcoming the obstacles for all one to nine moles according to Chinese and Tibetan astrology.

His Holiness Polo Khenchen received both mother and child text of Nyingthing from Khechen Ngaga (Khechen Ngagi Wangpo or Khenpo Nagwang Pelzang) and then passed down to Chene Lhundrup Rinpoche. Chene Lhundrup also received this same lineage from his second root Master Geshe Pema Thinley.Khenpo Rigizin Wangchuk received the four major texts of Nyingtik transmission, teaching and empowerment from H.H Penor Rinpoche, H.E Lama Serpo Rinoche and from Chine Lhundrup Rinpoche.

This brief note on the Nyingtik Yabshyi was composed by Khenpo Namdrol Rinpoche to mark HH Drubwang Penor Rinpocheʼs granting of the Nyingtik Yabshyi empowerments at the request of Sogyal Rinpoche and Rigpa at Lerab Ling in July 1995.
The Dzogchen teachings of Mengakde are also differentiated according to whether they belong to the ʻShé Gyüʼ orʻNyen Gyü, ʼ the explanatory Tantras or oral transmission. It is sometimes said that the Shé Gyü mainly contains the instructions for enlightenment in this lifetime and the Nyen Gyü for enlightenment in the intermediate state. Another way in which this is explained is that the Outer, Inner and Secret cycles are Nyen Gyü, and the Innermost Secret Cycle belongs to Shé Gyü. The special fruition of the practice of the Innermost Secret Cycle, the Nyingtik teachings, is to attain the ʻrainbow body through the perfection of the practice of Trekcho, the physical body can be dissolved completely at death into particles, while through the Togal practice, it is dissolved into a body of light or rainbow body. There are two kinds of rainbow body: the general rainbow body, where the body dissolves completely into light, and the ʻRainbow Body of the Great Transferences, Jalu Phowa Chenpo, where the ordinary body is transformed into a rainbow-like body and the individual lives for centuries for as long as they can benefit beings, appearing to them from time to time. Such was the case with both Vimalamitra and Guru Rinpoche.

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