Singapore Buddhist Film Festival 2012

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Singapore Buddhist Film Festival 2012

Post by phantom59 » Wed Aug 29, 2012 4:49 pm

Event : Singapore Buddhist Film Festival 2012
Date : September 22 – 29
Venue : Shaw Lido Theatres, Shaw House
Address : 1 Scotts Road
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Programme :
Themed “Open your mind”, THIS Buddhist Film Festival 2012 will present specially selected films that reflect the cultural, social and religious aspects of Buddhism, told through 16 original, thought-provoking films from 11 countries, including China, Sri Lanka, France, Indonesia, Japan, Sweden, Thailand, and the US.All films will be screening for the first time in Singapore.
Film Titles Screening Date/Time :

Sep 22 1:45pm The Outrage (U-Mong Pha Meung)
Sep 22 5:15pm Souls of Zen
Sep 22 7:00pm Crazy Wisdom
Sep 23 1:45pm The Gatekeeper of Enmyoin
Sep 23 5:15pm Dhamma Dana
Sep 23 4:30pm Headshot (Fon Tok Kuen Fah)
Sep 24 Wandering Mind
Sep 24 5:15pm Bamiyan
Sep 24 7:30pm Schooling The World
Sep 25 7:15pm Headshot (Fon Tok Kuen Fah)
Sep 26 7:30pm The Yellow Robe (Ran Salu)
Sep 27 6:40pm The Coming of Tulku
Sep 28 7:00pm The Outrage (U-Mong Pha Meung)
Sep 28 7:15pm Crazy Wisdom
Sep 29 11:30pm An Essence of Wind (Angin)
Sep 29 11:30pm Your Mind Is Bigger Than All The Supermarkets In The World
Sep 29 3:15pm Dandelion Dharma
Sep 29 3:15pm Tulku
Sep 29 5:30pm Sold Out: One Mile Above

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