Letter from Lama Tulku Tsori Dechen Rinpoche

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Letter from Lama Tulku Tsori Dechen Rinpoche

Post by swamiji » Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:24 pm

Dear Beloved Students,

I might need more time to write later, as I have been so busy traveling and doing so many things for the benefit of the Children’s Monasteries. As you know, the entire load is on my shoulders now, after my beloved Secretary, Tashi Tsering, passing away so suddenly.But, as these many lifetimes unfold, there is always my inner programming as a Buddhist, to want to come back again and again into Samsara to love and serve you all…just as my friend, Tashi Tsering loved and served all Beings with his own life.

Please know that my trip to Mustang was wonderful!

It touched my heart so much, to see so many devotes of my previous incarnation (H.H.Drubwang Tsori Dechen) come with their hearts filled with hope and love to greet me there. In this modern world, it seems that I am as ordinary as the next guy; I Am always running, running, running, to complete the work for this life and run even more for the lives of so many people who need my support.

But, as this trip reaffirmed, I have a mission larger than an ordinary man. I cannot simply visit these kind-hearted folks once and walk away…as many others have. Despite the odds of being in a world where all Tibetans are refugees and are pushed further out into remote geographical areas without access to the modern amenities that we take for granted...all is not lost…

These Helping Hands are as important as praying lips!

With all the landslides and constant perils of the weather conditions here, this project is a great blessing…as It will expose the Heart of a Warrior in us all! And congratulations to us all…because the Tsori Dechen Nunnery Monastery is being established, and the foundation will be layout at Phudung in Dirang Arunachal Pradish! As those of you who have been along with us on the long journey of building Tsori Dechen Monastery at Mainpat, India… know very well….we don’t have modern construction equipment, we don’t have a fancy architect, andthe entire plan is coming from the Inspiration of my Root Lama and my simple thoughts. And just like the Monastery in Mainpat, what an extreme difference a few dollars and some elbow grease can bring to people’s lives!

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