Dharma Gems

Discuss and learn about the traditional Mahayana scriptures, without assuming that any one school ‘owns’ the only correct interpretation.
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Re: Dharma Gems

Post by Sennin » Tue Feb 27, 2018 5:40 am

  • The definition of the Mahayana is that it is the method of obtaining the result of complete omniscience.
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Re: Dharma Gems

Post by Sennin » Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:30 pm

/gzod nas dag pas sems can skye bar la ' gyur/
Pure from the beginning, where can the mind itself arise?
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Re: Dharma Gems

Post by Losal Samten » Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:03 am

Uniting Outer and Inner Solitude by Paltrul Rinpoche

  • These delightful mountain solitudes
    Are like the family estate to the supreme guide’s heirs,
    And, as the best of protectors himself has said,
    To rely on solitude is indeed the pinnacle of joys!

    Forests, hermitages, and isolated dwelling places—
    These are the outer solitude of the Victor’s heirs.
    Avoiding selfishness and fainthearted fears—
    This is the bodhisattvas’ internal isolation.

    Keeping, therefore, to outer forms of solitude,
    Tame the inner afflictions through tranquillity and insight
    And aspire to the supreme conduct of Samantabhadra—
    Possessing such good fortune one is truly the Buddha’s heir.

    With sweetly cascading mountain streams,
    Rocky mountain shelters ascending to heaven,
    And gently falling dewdrops of whitest moonlight,
    This mountain retreat surpasses even the deva realm.

    The dance of the slender trees does not stir the passions,
    And sweet birdsong brings neither attachment nor aversion,
    Enveloped in nonconceptuality’s gentle, cooling shade—
    Such youthful companionship is surely better than a silent void!

    Undisturbed by noisy chatter, that thorn in meditation’s side,
    Alone in this excellent place of unattended solitude,
    The old monkey of the mind has nowhere left to roam
    And, settling down within, finds satisfaction.

    Under the bright, oppressive sunlight of busy, bustling crowds,
    Our faults and unhelpful thoughts eclipse the constellations,
    But when embraced by threefold solitude’s cooling nectar beams,
    Such faults can easily be overcome through proper antidotes.

    When it is undisturbed by rippling thoughts of sadness,
    The pool-like surface of the mind is still, unmoving,
    And faith and compassion’s reflections readily arise.
    In such constancy, what need is there for a companion?

    If the mirror of mind is wiped clean, time and again,
    And uncluttered with objects or circumstances,
    Study, reflection, and meditation present a clear impression.
    What is there to prevent the dawn of Dharma’s light?

    Hunger, thirst, cold, and the like—all forms of physical affliction—
    Together with sadness, fear, and all such mental suffering,
    Can, through the teachings, enhance the purifying path
    And, unburdened by avoidance or indulgence, adorn the mind!
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