Classes of bodhisattvas

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Classes of bodhisattvas

Postby Nicholas Weeks » Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:46 pm

This is from Buswell's Encyclopedia of Buddhism entry on Bodhisattva(s):

The bodhisattva is known by different appellations;
for example, in Mahayana-sutralamkara XIX: 73–74,
the following fifteen names are given as synonyms for
1. maha sattva (great being)
2. dhlmat (wise)
3. uttamadyuti (most splendid)
4. jinaputra (Buddha’s son)
5. jina dha ra (holding to the Buddha)
6. vijetr (conqueror)
7. jina n˙ kura (Buddha’s offspring)
8. vikra nta (bold)
9. parama s´carya (most marvelous)
10. sa rthava ha (caravan leader)
11. maha yas´as (of great glory)
12. krpa lu (compassionate)
13. maha pun ya (greatly meritorious)
14. l´svara (lord)
15. dha rmika (righteous).

Bodhisattvas are of ten classes:
1. gotrastha (one who has not reached purity yet)
2. avatlrn a (one who investigates the arising of the
enlightenment mind)
3. as´uddha s´aya (one who has not reached a pure intention)
4. s´uddha s´aya (one who has reached a pure intention)
5. aparipakva (one who has not matured in the
highest state)
6. paripakva (one who has matured in the highest
7. aniyatipatita (one who although matured has not
yet entered contemplation)
8. niyatipatita (one who has entered contemplation)
9. ekaja tipratibaddha (one who is about to enter the
supreme enlightenment)
10. caramabhavika (one who has entered supreme
enlightenment in this life).

Sorry about the lousy display of diacriticals. I was wondering if the second list is from the Lamkara too, or if not - where?

EDIT - May have found them in XX 15-16; but Thurman's translation is hard to match up.
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