Gelong Lodrö Sangpo Abhidharmakosa-bhasya

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Gelong Lodrö Sangpo Abhidharmakosa-bhasya

Postby Nicholas Weeks » Fri Apr 25, 2014 11:46 pm

The old Pruden English translation of Vasubandhu's commentary on his Abhidharmakosa I have seen. In 2012 another version by the Bhikshu from Gampo Abbey mentioned in the Subject came out.

Has anyone compared the two; is the Gelong's an improvement in little, some or great measure?

EDIT - Never mind, Ven. Huifeng has already given a thumbs up!

For those who are interested, Ven. Sangpo's recent reworked translation, in 4 vols, is worth checking out. I've just finished teaching an MA level Abhidharma course here at FGU, which included numerous readings in the Kosa-bhasya. At first I used Pruden's from de la Vallee Poussin, but in the end I found Ven. Sangpo's English far superior -- he managed to get the weird wording out and make much more sense vis-a-vis the Sanskrit and Chinese.

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