The Sutra on the Residence of Manjushri

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The Sutra on the Residence of Manjushri

Post by Losal Samten » Mon Dec 19, 2016 1:25 pm

The Sūtra on the Residence of Mañjuśrī translated by James Apple ... %9Br%C4%AB
Summary wrote:The sūtra is introduced with the Buddha residing in Rājagṛha on Vulture Peak Mountain together with a great monastic assembly of 500 monks and a multitude of bodhisattvas. After the Buddha preaches, Mañjuśrī walks through the monastic quarters of the area and he then sees Śāriputra engaged in meditation among the residences of the 500 monks. The sūtra then consists of a dialogue between Mañjuśrī and Śāriputra regarding the nature of meditation and related topics.

A dialogue then develops between Mañjuśrī and the 500 monks. Mañjuśrī corrects the monks’ misunderstanding and instructs them on the ‘non-increase and non-decrease’ (anūnatvāpūrṇatva) of the realm of sentient beings and the realm of reality (dharmadhātu), an instruction that indicates the non-conceptual, immutable, and indestructible nature of awakening. The power of Mañjuśrī’s teaching is explained and reiterated by the Buddha, with the sūtra concluding by the Buddha predicting the future Buddhahood of the 500 monks and others in the audience.
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Re: The Sutra on the Residence of Manjushri

Post by Vasana » Mon Dec 19, 2016 2:30 pm

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