Hua Yen Chan Yi

Discuss and learn about the traditional Mahayana scriptures, without assuming that any one school ‘owns’ the only correct interpretation.
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Hua Yen Chan Yi

Post by enjitsu » Thu Feb 10, 2011 8:23 am

Amito fo,

The sutra of Avatamsaka is called the HuaYen Jing. HuaYen Jing is one of the fundamental sutras in Huayen Dzong, (Kegon Buddhism).

So on this date, 12-29-2554 B.E, it also happens to be Avatamsaka Bodhisattva's Birthday. Due to the great work of the Mahayana Samgha a transliteration for westerners has been produced solely by my request. It is called Hua Yen Chan Yi. It allows all english speaking westerners to recite/sing material for HuaYen Dzong without having to learn a non-english language. Furthermore, a second edition is already planned.

May all multi-beings follow the correct Orthodox teachings of Buddhism,

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