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Jātaka Stories Database

Post by Fortyeightvows » Mon Jan 20, 2020 8:02 am

This is a very good new website-

Jātaka Stories is a free online searchable database of jātakas in Indian texts and art.

For the purposes of this project, we define a jātaka as any story of a past lifetime of the most recent Buddha (Śākyamuni, Gotama) regardless of whether or not the story is labelled jātaka in the text. This distinction is somewhat arbitrary, given the overlap with other genres, especially avadāna, but we had to draw the boundaries somewhere. In visual sources, we consider a Story in Art worth including if it has been identified as depicting a jātaka, either through epigraphic evidence or the scholarship of art historians.

There are two basic units in the database: Story in Text and Story in Art. Each Story in Text belongs to a Textual Collection and each Story in Art belongs to an Artistic Site. The texts and sites currently included can be browsed from the main homepage. Further expansion is planned, including texts and art from other parts of Asia.

In addition to browsing from the homepage or from the list of Story Clusters (see more on these below), there are two search pages, for textual and visual jātakas respectively. These pages, accessible via tabs at the top of the site, contain a series of filters that, with each addition, gradually narrow the search results on the right-hand column. Please note that the search functions currently have some issues, and are being rebuilt for phase two of the project. Search results may change as a result of these changes.

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