Pure Mind = Tathagata Garbha

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Pure Mind = Tathagata Garbha

Post by sraddha » Sun Jul 12, 2009 9:29 pm

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“The ‘mind’ (manas) which is taught in the Śrāvaka-yāna signifies the tathāgata-garbha. That mind which is said to be intrinsically pure is the tathāgata-garbha.

That is foremost of all phenomena, for all phenomena have the tathāgata-garbha as their intrinsic nature (svabhāva). As for ‘acts or speaks with a lucidly pure mind’, that which is severed from all the billions of afflictions, has revealed one’s dhātu and is lucidly pure is the tathāgata-garbha itself. Then, as for ‘if one acts or speaks’, after having achieved buddhahood, all that one does or says will liberate the world, and the tathāgata-garbha will be seen at that time, just as a person sees his shadow. Therefore, it says ‘just a shadow follows’. This is the meaning of that verse.

“The mind precedes all phenomena,
the mind is foremost: they are mind in nature;
if one acts or speaks with a confused mind,
one will experience suffering, just as a cart is drawn along.

“The subject matter of this verse signifies the creation of the afflictions ["kleshas" - mental and moral contaminants]. As for ‘a confused mind’, this means that it is confused because it is enveloped by billions of afflictions. This means that when the mind is in that state, the tathāgata-garbha is submerged within billions of afflictions. Then, all that one does or says will be accompanied by suffering. As for ‘just as a cart is drawn along’, just as a wheel follows along after an ox, likewise beings are dragged around by a heap of evil deeds and wander lost in the realms of the hells and animal states. Therefore, it is established that ‘those who are indolent towards the meritorious take pleasure in evil deeds’.
Awesome merging of the first Dharmapada verses and the Mahayana Angulimalaya Sutra on the meaning of the Tathagatha Garbha!

This verse is understood with even more depth!

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