Angulimalaya Sutra: The Refuge

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Angulimalaya Sutra: The Refuge

Post by sraddha » Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:53 pm

This Sutra, in my humble opinion, is AWESOME!

Then the Bhagavat said to Aṅgulimâla, "Come, Aṅgulimâla ! Hurry, become a renunciate and take the threefold refuge !"
Then Aṅgulimâla replied to the Bhagavat, uttering these verses,
"This way (yâna) is the Great Way,
also called 'unimpeded awareness/ Knowing';
it is the single way, the sole refuge,
for the Tathâgata is the ultimate refuge.

The Dharma and the Buddha are one thing,
the Tathâgata is the dharma-kâya;

the Saṅgha is the Tathâgata's name,
the Saṅgha itself is the Tathâgata.
The Dharma and the Saṅgha are refuges of expedience,
the Tathâgata is the ultimate refuge of non-expedience;
the Tathâgata is the refuge of those without a refuge,
for that reason I take refuge in the Tathâgata.
Just as those who need to eat hiṅgu should eat hiṅgu,
but if they throw away the hiṅgu and don't eat the hiṅgu preparation,
people in the world won't help themselves and cure their sickness:
even a thousand doctors couldn't cure such impoverished worldlings.
Likewise, those who reject the single refuge
and have recourse to the refuges of expediency,
are thus no different from gnats:
even a thousand buddhas couldn't cure them."

In other words, those who think the refuges are three and not one, don't really understand the Tathagatha!

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Re: Sūtra of Aṅgulimālika

Post by Nicholas Weeks » Tue Feb 28, 2017 6:25 pm

Yes, it is a powerful sutra that shows the amazing wisdom and compassion of Buddha, to help this deluded serial killer.
It is not a matter of achieving Bodhi or attaining Buddhahood. Rather, you yourself become aware that your own mind has always been fully enlightened.

Li Tungxuan

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