Some Lankavatara Materials to warm up for new Red Pine

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Some Lankavatara Materials to warm up for new Red Pine

Postby Leo Rivers » Mon Dec 05, 2011 7:13 am


Some Lankavatara Materials to warm up for new Red Pine Edition:

first off:

The Lankavatara-Ratna-Sutram Sarva-Buddha-Pravacana-Hrdayam. Restored form The Lankavatara Sutra edited by Dr. Bunyu Nanjio, Otani University Press, Kyoto 1923, Revised with Annotations According to the Gunabhadra Chinese version by Gishin Tokiwa, Osaka, 2003.

This has evaporated from the net so my repost - the 4 fascicle edition: :buddha1:


The whole thing “chanted” in english by Christian Pecaut

14 mp3 files ( a chapter per file)

Thirdly - an informative explication of the 1st paragraph of the first chapter by Tamarack Garlow - 30 minutes:

Fourthly - there is 7 parts of discussion of the Lanka on YouTube by Pierre Grimes “in the Platonic Tradition”

starting with

I haven’t watched this. Maybe YOU can review it!

AND a Lankavatara Resources page choke full of Buddhist stocking stuffers:

May I “ho ho ho” heartily suggest you download these two pdf:

The Lankavatarasutra in Early Indian Madhyamaka Literature by Christian Lindtner, Copenhagen. Asiatiche Studien, XLV, 1 (1992), pp.244-279.


A Note on Vasubandhu and the Lankavatarasutra by Lambert Schmithausen, Hamburg. Asiatiche Studien, 46.1, 1992, pp.392-397.

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Re: Some Lankavatara Materials to warm up for new Red Pine

Postby kirtu » Fri Dec 30, 2011 12:30 am

Is Red Pine publishing a new edition? When is it due? Hmmm - Amazon has it down for 24 Jan 2012 but not an ebook version yet.


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