Clean water bill blocked

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Clean water bill blocked

Post by Jesse » Fri Sep 04, 2015 8:55 am

You can donate here: https://environmentamerica.webaction.or ... 1A:0BH-OOD
Breaking news: A federal judge has blocked President Obama's historic Clean Water Rule in 13 states, just hours before it would have gone into effect.1

When fully implemented, the Clean Water Rule will protect drinking water sources used by 1 in 3 Americans—the judge's decision would be a devastating rollback if allowed to stand.

The coal industry, other polluters and their state-level allies launched a wave of lawsuits against the EPA as soon as the rule was announced, hoping that some judge somewhere would take their side. And while other judges refused to side with the polluters, this one did.

We're calling on states to withdraw from the lawsuits and organizing a major grassroots effort to defend the Clean Water Rule. Will you chip in?

One judge blocked the rule from going into effect in these states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. He based his decision on polluters' claims that the EPA had failed to allow sufficient public input before finalizing it.

That argument simply doesn't hold water. The rule was open for public comment for seven months. Hundreds of thousands of people submitted comments. And polls show that 80% of American voters across party lines support the Clean Water Rule.2

But polluters like Murray Energy—the largest privately held coal company in the U.S.—hired armies of lawyers to flood the courts and they found one judge to take their side.3,4

To convince higher courts to overrule this terrible decision, we're organizing top legal scholars—including former attorneys general and prosecutors—to declare that these lawsuits have no merit. Our legal team also will prepare a formal amicus brief to make sure appeals courts hear these arguments.

We're fighting to defend the Clean Water Rule. Will you make a donation?

Thanks for making it all possible.


Margie Alt
Environment America Executive Director
I'm pretty sure this bill blocks companies from dumping toxins in waters which effect public drinking water, and also stops fracking near public drinking water.
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