Buddhism in action

Discuss the application of the Dharma to situations of social, political, environmental and economic suffering and injustice.
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Buddhism in action

Post by Juutilainen » Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:31 am

Free clinic and aid distribution

For years, Argentine Tzu Chi volunteers have been delivering their services to a small town in Santiago del Estero Province. They recently convened their 10th free clinic in a hospital. Through word of mouth, the number of patients has steadily increased each time. Meanwhile, volunteers also made a backbreaking trip to distribute stationery to a local elementary school.

< Backbreaking journey >

Standing on a truck riding a bumpy road, volunteers have yet to arrive at their final destination. The last part of the backbreaking journey consists of carrying heavy supplies over this swinging foot bridge.

< Dance to welcome volunteers >

Students from the Tusca Bajada Elementary School perform a traditional dance to welcome the group. Volunteers bring with them - the most needed stationery. Inside each pencil case is a small card with a Spanish Jing Si aphorism on it, providing the youngsters with spiritual nourishment as well as supplies.

< Heartfelt gratitude from youngsters >

Upon receiving these gifts, the children express their excitement in different ways; some with a kiss, others with a poster.

"Tzu Chi volunteers, thank you for your love. We will love you forever."

Reading out the children's words of heartfelt gratitude, volunteers are determined to support these poor students with love throughout schooling.

< Tenth free clinic at San Jose hospital >

Elsewhere, local Tzu Chi volunteers continue the relief work. A prayer ceremony heralds the tenth free clinic at San Jose Del Boqueron Hospital.

< Treating patients like family >

Doctors busy themselves seeing patients and volunteers help residents register, measure their blood pressure and even give them snacks. The team strives to provide a genial environment for everyone here. In fact, this little boy is an old friend of Tzu Chi volunteers.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Hong Liangdai:
"He suffered pneumonia in September last year and received treatment here. Now he is fully recovered. His mother waited for a long time to have a chance to thank us today."

< Friends in need, friends indeed >

The child's recovery is testimony to the professionalism of Tzu Chi's free clinical team. This year, the mother has even brought her husband who suffers from an eye disease for treatment. Through free clinics and aid distributions, Tzu Chi volunteers have tied a close bond with this little town in Santiago Province - a friendship that will forever be cherished.

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Re: Buddhism in action

Post by Juutilainen » Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:32 am

Free clinic and aid relief

Tzu Chi volunteers from Los Angeles and San Diego traveled to Mexico recently, to organize a free clinic and distribution in Tacate. In total, 368 patients were treated, and 200 poor families received food supplies. Volunteers were also pleased to see more and more local medical professionals and volunteers participating in the clinic - a sign that Tzu Chi's charity work is making waves.

< Crossing the border to deliver care >
Traveling through the arid terrain, the Tzu Chi Mobile Clinic crosses the border into Mexico. Tzu Chi volunteers from Los Angeles, San Diego and South San Diego join hands to bring medical and other aid relief to Villas de las Palmas in Tacate.

< Inhabitants rush to the free clinic >
Standing in a queue, each patient receives a number for consultation. In this simple rural town there is only one doctor and a public clinic. As most of the local families fall into the low-income category and have no disposable cash to see a doctor, upon learning about Tzu Chi's free clinic, residents, even those in wheelchairs, flock to the site.

The free clinic provides various medical services, including internal medicine, dentistry and Chinese medicine. Doctors are extremely attentive and are resolved to alleviate the chronic pains that trouble patients. Outside, youngsters receive a lesson on health education.

< More and more health workers join in >
Tzu Chi doctor Du Youqin recalls at the same free clinic four years ago not a single native medical professional attended. But today, 28 Mexican doctors and 51 local volunteers contributed their expertise, showing that Tzu Chi's years of effort in involving the local medical force has come to fruition.

< Free clinic and aid relief help hundreds >
In total, 368 cases are treated at the free clinic. Upon discovering this young child with deformed legs, volunteers immediately arrange for her to be treated in Los Angeles.

Apart from free health care, volunteers also distribute supplies of rice, cooking oil, beans and oats among the poorer households. As the medical and aid relief concludes, the townspeople return home with the joy of knowing that they are being loved and cared for.

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Re: Buddhism in action

Post by Juutilainen » Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:40 am

Hot lunch over free clinic

In the Philippines, every Friday is free clinic day at Manila's Tzu Chi clinic. Last Friday, a local catering school prepared hot lunches for over a hundred patients and their families. The students hoped that the delicious vegetarian meals would cheer up the patients as they fight through their illnesses.

< An unusual regular Friday free clinic >
Something is unusual about this regular Friday free clinic - the Tzu Chi Clinic in Manila savors of an appetizing aroma.

< Feast from volunteer students >
Cutting and cooking vegetables, volunteer cooks bustle in and out of the venue. Here to fulfill their course requirement, these local Food and Beverage school students are ready to rock the house with an abundant feast.

< Cooking for over 100 people >
However, an order of over a hundred vegetarian meals poses a great challenge.

Student, Genevieve Aw:
"We used imitation meat to substitute for pork. It is healthier and more economical than regular meat. This is a great challenge though, it's the first time I've cooked for so many people."

Student, Edrian Osbual:
"Helping others makes us happy. We want to come serve here again, maybe once a month, that's fine with me."

< An extra flavor of love >
Be it bread, fried noodle, spring rolls, or Philippine style sweet dessert soup, everyone munches down with great gusto.

Patient, Teddy Quiroz:
"Thanks to the chefs for preparing lunch for us. The meals they cooked were delicious."

With a touch of professionalism and the extra flavor of love, these young chefs are spreading warmth and helping patients stay energetic as they fight through their illnesses.

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Re: Buddhism in action

Post by Mr. G » Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:37 pm

I think the Tzu Chi foundation does great work. I remember them helping out when Katrina hit.
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Re: Buddhism in action

Post by Juutilainen » Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:25 am

Many thanks for Mr. Gordo's precious comment. :smile:

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