Help Save Namdroling Hospital, Help Monks Get Medical Care

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Help Save Namdroling Hospital, Help Monks Get Medical Care

Post by T. Chokyi » Sat Aug 25, 2012 11:15 pm

I'm not sure this is the correct forum for this announcement but "Engaged Buddhism" seems to be the place, so I'll put this announcement here, as this information concerns hundreds of monks, who possibly could loose a valuable source for their health and well being, their hospital, unless we do something soon. So, without our help, at this point in time, this could happen, and certainly it's a very good reason for us to engage by helping. Please have a read here, and also see the links at the bottom of the announcement, thank you!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Dharma,

On behalf of Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso, H E Gyangkhang Rinpoche, H E Muksang Kuchen Rinpoche and the Staff of Tsepal Topkyeo Hospital

Help Save Namdroling Hospital

The Namdroling Tsepal Topkyeo Hospital, located in Bylakuppe India, was established in 2003 by His Holiness Penor Rinpoche. It is the only hospital in a 50 mile radius that serves the nearly 5,000 monks and nuns of the Namdroling monastery, the local villagers and over 10,000 Tibetan refugees. After a seven year effort, and $184,000 in donations, the hospital achieved registered status.
Historical timeline: Namdroling Tsepal Topkyeo Hospital
2001 Construction Plans Begins Guided by His Holiness Penor Rinpoche
 2010 - 184,000 USD donated since 2003 allowed for official Indian government registration of Namdroling Hospital as 40 bed hospital
 2011 - US fundraising provided:
fully equipped laboratory
digital X-ray and tele-radiology facility
ultrasound scanning capability
emergency care center

Now, in 2012, the Indian government is requiring further upgrades be made in order to maintain this registered status. The cost of these upgrades is $380,000, and the Indian government has given the hospital until October 1, 2012, to raise the money. If the Namdroling Hospital is unable to raise this money, the hospital will be fined $15,000 and forced to close. Through generous hearts, $80,000 has been raised, and as stated in the letter that was sent in July, Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche, requested the Palyul Ohio Sangha conducted a fund raising drive to raise the other $300,000. Since July with the donations of students and members of various sanghas in the Palyul family we have raised $64,000. We thank you and appreciate your generosity. But, we are still far from our goal of the badly need $300,000 to purchase the equipment to keep the hospital open.

The equipment needed

The equipment required by the Indian government for the hospital to maintain its registered status includes the following:
 A modular operating room
 ICU and post surgery recovery facility
 Maternity/Labor unit
 Dialysis facility
 Fully equipped ambulance
 Cafeteria and additional professional staff

The October Deadline is Fast Approaching!
We are hoping to tap into the generous nature that human beings all share and raise the remaining funds. In the event of a traumatic injury or sickness, many of the monks, nuns, villagers and refugees do not have access to transportation that will enable them to travel 50 miles to the next nearest hospital. Without the Namdroling Hospital, the people of Bylakuppe are at risk with little or no available health care. Your help is needed.

New Ways to Donate
We have established a social fund raising link through and the link is at the end of this letter. Please visit the link. We are also able to take donations in the form of gifts of stock directly to the account that has been set up especially for this purpose to benefit the hospital. Contact Cathy Lee: for more information or to make a gift of stock.

What You Can Do

You can help the residents of Namdroling Monastery, the villagers and Tibetan refugees by doing the following:
 Donate what you can - every little bit helps.
 Share our Indiegogo fundraising link with your social networks
 Email our Indiegogo fundraising link to your friends and family members.
 Help spread the word.
 Compassion is within all of us and all the people we know.

Remember that many people are just waiting for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other people. Alert your friends to this worthwhile opportunity.

Special Recognition of Donors: Sunday, September 2, 2012 During Long Life Empowerment at Palyul Ohio With Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche

The names of the donors will be given Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche and publically acknowledged at the above mentioned event. Khenchen will then forward the names of donors to the monks and nuns of Namdroling Monastery to pray for their continued well being. Those who give $1000 will also receive a Bodhi leaf with calligraphy by Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche. Pledges will also be acknowledged at this time. You can email your pledge to The money would need to be received from the pledges by September 25th.
Importance of this Fundraising Effort

We cannot let the hospital be closed and fined and by the grace of the Buddhas, this necessary money will be raised! This facility is needed by, not only the ordained of Namdroling, but the Tibetan refugees and people of the countryside. We have come too far to let His Holiness Penor Rinpoche’s wish be stalled at this time. Please open your heart and contribute what you can to help the hospital continue.

To learn more and to donate, please visit these links:

If you have Questions:
Please contact Cathy Lee, Executive Director, Palyul Ohio,
May All Beings Benefit

Thank you!

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