The Bodhisattva

Requesting and offering prayers and aspirations for those in need.
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The Bodhisattva

Post by Shuddhasattva » Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:41 pm

Namaste Sangha

The following words occurred recently to this one, and as they have already been shared on another forum, it seems fitting to do so here as well.


The bodhisattva is the essential nature-being of Gratitude.

As such, the Bodhisattva is perpetually engaged in unending service, performing the terrible austerity of being willfully born, by means of mahavrata, shackling themselves to all wheels of letters encircling the spokes of prana. What wonder then, that this same great vow which is the source of their bondage, is that which delivers one being as all beings to the void, within the selfsame altar of the self.

There is no greater tapasya in its effulgent fullness.

Thus the bodhisattva, being not one who is crushed by wheels seized by earth asunder, not one headless and heedless in karma, not one who has forgotten mantra, not one accursed by the guru, not one who bears grudge or lightens it with untruth, has not fallen beneath the wheel but is rather the motive garland bound thrice and half about the axle which turns the fourfold wheels of maitri, kuruna, mudita and upeksha, carrying the bodhisattva into ever-victorious battle against all maras.

The wheels are always rolling upon the grounds of the path in all places, and all times, yet the bodhisattva remains unmoved, unshakable.

Having taken the blessing of mother, father, guru and together-manifest one - the chariot is held together by pranadharma; sevadharma; maheshvara.

Armed with the blazing sword of Manjusri which acknowledges no enemies, and armored in all dharmatas which destroy the self-mythology of the protagonist, the Bodhisattva casts all beings into the void!

Tireless concentration of the mind upon the goal is required only provisionally for these Bodhisattva
When in a single moment
The bodhisattva’s concentration is boundless spanning across all times and places
This is the refuge of timeless meditation, transcending the tireless
Inexhaustible in its patience with all beings

Armored by mantra, and armed with the futility of viewpoints, laid waste to are all opaque conceptualizations of that which is without construct, utterly transparent, clearly lit void.

Having welcomed into the temple of the mind all erring thoughts, the bodhisattva sacrifices these volunteering ones, upon the altar-vow of carrying across to the far shore all those embryonic Buddhas, beings of all families, dwellers of all mandalas, and chariots upon the field of actions in which the selfsame one dwells.

All unskillful words, having been welcomed into the yawning mouth, are consumed by a sky burning with the nectar of khecari. Radiant black is the tongue of the ashen hearted, shedding essence-rays of insight.

The fire-pit of the heart is the no-place of ineffable union, being not a union at all.

These ecstatic pilgrims of the no-place, dwell in all places, at all times, as promised by the original voice, the original answer to the original question, posed by s/he of no name.

The final answer to all conceptualization.

Tapasya is none other than bodhichitta. Thoughts of individual liberation, union or even enlightenment do not occur in the Bodhisattva’s field of beingness, though the illusory construct of individual beingness, having this name, that form, and those memories, under the influence of such karma, may straddle this domain, indeed all domains out of its compassionate spread of presence.

In reality, it has no spread of presence, being atanu, without locality, unlimited by the ignorance of atomicity and atomic viewpoints.

Having resolved all viewpoints as one
The cessation of mental constructs not-occurs
Not the dawning of enlightenment in every object
Who will wake the wakeful, and put to sleep the dreaming?

When positive thoughts occur, know it to be the intervention of all buddhas and bodhisattvas as one’s own nature, reveling in the sweet rain of sankalpas - having called forth its voice of thunder, and flash of timeless reality. They dwell within the heart as the innermost being, as we do for them!

We die, but the vows are deathless! Endless births are its fruit! Carried forth thus to the farthest shore in these very lives!

The aspiration is abandoned to the winds of the void, freed of desire for desirelessness, service is made true. What is the reward bodhisattvas choose after having fulfilled their long careers of service, spanning the aeons, having successfully defeated all Maras and brought the careers of all beings of the universe to perfect enlightenment?

The boddhisattva requests only infinite, eternal service. The reward of service is service! In all places, in all times, dwelling in the hearts of all beings as paramayuganaddha!

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