Please pray for students

Requesting and offering prayers and aspirations for those in need.
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Please pray for students

Post by kirtu » Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:46 pm

I have had two dreams about a particular former student of mine (whose name I won't mention) raising concerns about his safety. Both dreams have something to do about this student and the wars. In fact last night the dream was very detailed and I visited his grave at the school that I used to teach at.

Three former students of mine have already died - one in a car wreck, one was beaten to death in a fight and the third died from a sudden illness. I didn't have that many students since I only taught for 3 1/2 years.

Now in the normal course of life several former students are in the military. I don't know if this student is or not. However many of my dreams have come true throughout my life so I think this is real.

May all students everywhere be protected from all harm. May they meet all the necessary circumstances to support their life and happiness. May their hearts embrace virtue and not wander into the delusion of pleasure seeking and ruthlessness. May their eyes be opened to the spiritual life. May all students everywhere be protected and at peace. May they daily help all beings and help produce a new world based on love and compassion. And may the student in my dream be protected and peaceful. May great compassion blossom in the hearts of all students and all beings everywhere.

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Re: Please pray for students

Post by Bodhi » Thu Aug 12, 2010 2:05 am

May the Infinite Buddhas and the Bodhisattvas of the 10 directions bless and protects these students and bring peace upon the world.

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