Prayer for taking any vows?

Requesting and offering prayers and aspirations for those in need.
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Prayer for taking any vows?

Post by udyan » Tue May 17, 2011 11:20 pm

I am wondering if there is a prayer where I can take any kind of vows. An example would be that I vow to abstain from eating meat lets say for two weeks or saying I am not going to watch TV for today. Thank you.

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Re: Prayer for taking any vows?

Post by ronnewmexico » Wed May 18, 2011 6:13 am

I don't know much at all being a layperson with little understanding, but no one as yet has provided any answers, which seems quite sad.

Till someone responds with a educated answer I will provide a brief prayer for one to attain their aims. This is a common prelimary practice.
Certainly contact your spiritual guide for such a thing.

"May the meaning of impermanence be generated in my mind. May negative conditions become positive. May I be liberated through reealization. May compassion ripen others' minds. Please bestow blessings on me that my devotion to the teacher may be stable and that I may keep my promise. Please bestow blessings on me that I may become skilled in the method of dependent-arising. Please bestow blessings on me that whatever realtionships I may enter into may have meaning.Please bestow blessings on me that I may generate in my mind the meditative stabilizatioon of the stages of generation and completion.Please cause the generation of supreme realization in my mind."

It is probably best to first go for refuge..
"From this time until I attain the essence of enlightenment,
I go for refuge to the glorious root and lineage Lamas, embodiments of wisdom, compassion and power. I go for refuge to the assembly of yidam deities. I go for refuge to the exalted Buddhas in the ten directions.

Till a educated one replies that may temporarily suffice to my opinion. Just saying this though I hold no bodhisattva vow though I hold it not and aspire to it not, provides me with much inspiration to reach any goal and maintain any vow......

With the wish to free all beings
I shall always go for refuge
To the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha
Until I reach full enlightenment.

Enthused by wisdom and compassion
Today in the Buddha's presence
I generate the mind for full awakening
For the benefit of all sentient beings.

As long as space remains,
As long as sentient beings remain,
Until then, may I too remain
and dispel the miseries of the world.

I find just reading or saying that most inspiring. This is all from Tibetan Buddhist source.
"This order considers that progress can be achieved more rapidly during a single month of self-transformation through terrifying conditions in rough terrain and in "the abode of harmful forces" than through meditating for a period of three years in towns and monasteries"....Takpo Tashi Namgyal.

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Re: Prayer for taking any vows?

Post by ground » Wed May 18, 2011 6:21 am

You may want to have a look there


Kind regards

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Re: Prayer for taking any vows?

Post by zerwe » Wed May 18, 2011 1:27 pm

As part of any purification practice we use the "Four Opponent Powers." These are (sometimes translated differently and I have even seen them placed in a different order) Regret, Reliance, Resolve, and Remedy.

Regret: we contemplate and generate genuine regret (not guilt) for all negative actions we have created

Reliance: we seek refuge in three jewels, not only for our benefit/protection, but so we may one day work perfectly for the benefit of others

Resolve: we make a determination (or vow) not to create particular negative acts (a determined interval of time can be included) --here you might formally pledge not to eat meat etc...

Remedy: prayer, recitation, or practice intended to purify the negative actions.

Shaun :namaste:

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