The Prayer of True Words - HHDL Toulouse 2011

Requesting and offering prayers and aspirations for those in need.
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The Prayer of True Words - HHDL Toulouse 2011

Post by Sönam » Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:04 pm

The Prayer of True Words
Written by His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama
Toulouse (France) 2011

Namo Ratna-trayāya
[Homage to the Three Jewels].
You whose glory is an ocean of immeasurable qualities,
And who look upon poor beings as if they were your only child—
Sugatas of past, present and future, bodhisattvas, and your disciples,
Pray heed these lamentations of the truth!

May the entire teachings of the Buddha, which dispel all the torments of existence and peace,
Spread to benefit the whole wide world with help and happiness;
May those who hold them, scholars and practitioners,
Flourish in their practice of the ten activities of Dharma.

Utterly oppressed by the intolerable intensity of their negative actions,
Deprived beings are tortured by interminable suffering;
Pacify their unbearable diseases, wars and famines
And bring them the succour of infinite joy and well-being.

In particular, the people of Tibet, inheritors of the Dharma,
Are being destroyed by the many evils of a barbarian horde,
Malevolent and heartless, in a river of blood and tears;
Arouse the forces of compassion, that their torment may swiftly be stopped.

Those hosts of savage oppressors, cruelly crazed by their own demonic passions,
Who bring ruin on both others and themselves, deserve our compassion;
May they develop a complete vision of right and wrong
And appreciate the benefits of loving care and friendship.

Since a long time ago, the wish most dear to my heart
Has been for all of Tibet to enjoy total freedom
In a natural combination of spiritual and secular spheres;
Grant that I may soon have the fortune to take part in that celebration!

For all those who undertook hundreds of hardships,
For the sake of the doctrine, those who hold it, the country, and their compatriots,
Sacrificing their cherished bodies, lives and possessions,
Lord of the Potala Buddhafield, protect them with your compassion.

In short, Lord Protector Avalokiteshvara,
In the presence of the Conquerors and the bodhisattvas I pray:
Take under your care the Buddhafield of the Land of Snows, that the good results
Of the vast aspirations you have made, right now, may swiftly come about.

By the profound dependent arising of the absolute nature, emptiness and appearance,
The power of the Three Jewels’compassion, the strength of words of truth,
And the infallible force of cause and effect,
May these, our aspirations to the truth, be accomplished without any hindrance.


Meunlam lokpé gyelwai tenpa la,
khouwai nak tchok zouktchen zoukmé dé,
samdjor ngenpai djoukpa malupa,
tchok soum denpé tséné tcheu gyour tchik.

May whatever is undertaken by those malevolent beings—
Be they visible or invisible—who, due to their perverse aspirations
In the past, are hostile to the Buddhist teachings,
Be uprooted by the truth of the Three Jewels!

This stanza of prayer invoking the power of the truth of the Three Jewels, along with its transmission, will truly and naturally pacify and annihilate the evil projects and actions of those malevolent barbarians who are harming and attacking the religion and people of Tibet. It is therefore extremely important and in our own interests that it be recited with conviction daily after dedication prayers on all occasions in all non-sectarian monasteries, public assemblies, and in private.
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