White Tara Practice by His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche

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White Tara Practice by His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche

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The mantra of Sitatara, White Tara begins very similarly to that of the Green Tara form, with the adding of several words connected to a long and robust life.


Ayu means life as in Ayurveda , Punya means merit that comes from ethics, Jnana means knowledge, Pushtim means wealth and abundance, Kuru is a mythical land to the north, Mama means mother or ‘mine’. Some people hold that mantras have an inherent "spiritual meaning" . If someone chants the mantra of Tara they will develop a connection with the compassion of Tara, without knowing anything of the detailed meanings about the bodhisattva. While others hold that one should develop associations with the mantra as one chants it and thus begin to learn more about the bodhisattva. Certainly as an object of concentration (like many others) , a mantra can help us to still the distracted and wandering mind. Therefore the word mantra is said to mean "that which protects the mind." However, as Garchen Rimpoche teaches, it is much more important to grow the inner Love, Compassion and Wisdom which shine forth as our own inner Buddha Nature. That is the ultimate protection deriving from deity yoga: when we understand that Tara is always there as our own deepest Mind which is shared with all other beings, no matter how much we might sometimes sink into dualism and confusion.
White Tara Practice 1
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... ra_pt1.mov
White Tara Practice 2
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... ra_pt2.mov
White Tara Practice 3
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... ra_pt3.mov
White Tara Practice 4
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... ra_pt4.mov
White Tara Practice 5
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... ra_pt5.mov
White Tara Practice 6
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... ra_pt6.mov
White Tara Practice 7
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... ra_pt7.mov
White Tara Practice 8
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... ra_pt8.mov
White Tara Practice 9
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... ra_pt9.mov
White Tara Practice 10
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... a_pt10.mov
White Tara Practice 11
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... a_pt11.mov
White Tara Practice 12
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... a_pt12.mov
White Tara Practice 13
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... a_pt13.mov
White Tara Practice 14
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... a_pt14.mov

Reading the Sadhana text 1
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... artone.mov
Reading the Sadhana text 2
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... arttwo.mov
Reading the Sadhana text 3
http://garchenrinpoche.org/garchen_rinp ... ingend.mov

White Tara Sadhana
http://www.dargye-ling.com/images/white ... a_2007.pdf

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