The Prayer to Guru Padma that Accomplishes All Wishes

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The Prayer to Guru Padma that Accomplishes All Wishes

Post by phantom59 » Wed Nov 11, 2009 6:48 pm

Sampa Lhündrup, The Prayer to Guru Padma that Spontaneously Accomplishes All Wishes
By Kangyur Rinpoche

Emaho Nupchok deshing nangté chinlap lé
Emaho Emanating from the blessings of Amitabha in the Western Buddhafield of Sukhavati,

Dzamling drodön tusum gyün ché mé
You work ceaselessly throughout the three times for the benefit of all beings of this world.

Chögyal gyü kyang sinpö khanon dzé
You protect the lineage of the Dharma kings and subjugate the rakshasa ogres.

Nyik dü lendruk kyepar tsechur chön
In this degenerate age you come six times a day, especially on the tenth day of the lunar month:

Nga gyar duk ngé gyün chö tori dren
In this final five hundred year period, cut the continuous flow of the five poisons and lead us to the higher realms!

Hor sok mak dok Guru debgyé tsok
Turn back the armies of the mongols and other aggressors, O Guru surrounded by the eight classes of protectors!

Gyülü nejom Guru menkyila
Destroy the sickness of this illusory body, O Guru medicine buddha!

Jung shi chü pel Guru norhlé tsok
Increase the essence of the four elements, O Guru surrounded by the wealth deities!

Lechen ter chin Guru yidam lha
Bestow the hidden terma texts upon their predestined discoverers, O Guru yidam deity.

Bé yül lamtön Guru shidak nyen
Show us the way to the hidden lands, O Guru surrounded by the fierce earth lords!

Chenzen jik kyop Guru pawo ging
Protect us from the terrors of vicious wild animals, O Guru surrounded by dakas and gings!

Jungshi jik kyop Guru wangyur gyel
Protect us from the terrors of the elements, O Guru Powerful King.

Lamtrang jik kyop Guru chagyé shi
Protect us on dangerous pathways, O Guru of the four mudras!

Shemak dül dzé Guru dorje gur
Subjugate killers and armed aggressors, O Guru Vajra Tent.

Chiwé dug ngel Guru nangté dren
Liberate us from the suffering of death, O Guru Amitabha, our guide!

Pardo jik kyop Guru düsum khyen
Free us from terror in the bardo, O Guru who knows past, present and future!

Trülnang shen chö Guru dechen gyel
Cut our clinging to our confused perception, O Guru King of Great Bliss!

Droduk jebang phomé tukjé zik
With your unchanging compassion, watch over all beings of the six realms, the king and your disciples.

Urgyen pema jungné la solwadeb
Lotus-born of Uddiyana, we pray to you:

Sampa lhüngyi drup par chin gyi lop
Bless us, that all our wishes be spontaneously accomplished!

And more briefly:

Gyelkün chizuk tsokyé dorjé chang
Lake-born Vajradhara, you embody all the Buddhas.

Drodül chusum tsasum chökyong tsül
You tame beings in thirteen ways, manifesting as the three roots and dharmapalas:

Urgyen pema jungné la söl wa deb
Lotus-born of Uddiyana, we pray to you,

Sampa lhün kyi drup par chin gyi lop
Bless us, that all our wishes be spontaneously accomplished.

This was written by Longchen Yeshe Dorje, a disciple of Guru Padma throughout all his lives, to fulfill the wish of bhikshu Anandhabhadra.

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Re: The Prayer to Guru Padma that Accomplishes All Wishes

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