Prayer for Long Life of His Holiness 11th Panchen Lama

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Prayer for Long Life of His Holiness 11th Panchen Lama

Post by phantom59 » Sun Dec 20, 2009 6:19 am

Spontaneously Fulfilling All Wishes, Prayer for Long Life of His Holiness 11th Panchen Lama,
Gedun Chökyi Nyima, Tenzin Gedun Yeshe Trinley Phuntsog Pal Tsangpo,

O glorious Shakyamuni, endowed with the ten powers,
O victorious assembly of infinite refuges
Such as Amitayus, Lord of limitless life and wisdom:
Let fall here and now an oceanic rain of virtue and goodness

Well nurturing billions of realms
With infinite unceasing array of manifestations
According with an ocean of trainees’ natures and wishes
Is a distinguishing feature of the Glorious Able Ones themselves

In the country of Tibet, garlanded with snow mountains,
The succession of your holy incarnations,
Replete with all qualities of scholarship and yogic mastery,
As Teachers of the Dharma are uniquely wonderful

Your successive incarnations of the Protector who erected
The victory banner of Losang Dragpa’s teaching, Losang Chökyi Gyaltsen
Are an udumwara flower-vine of supreme beings
Beautifying the tower of scriptural and realization Buddhadharma

You who skillfully uphold the tradition, Tenzin of the Sun Friend’s sutra and tantra teachings,
Crown ornament of the Sangha,Gedun community,
Of unobscured wisdom and perfection in activity, Yeshe Trinle Puntsog,
I make requests to that Supreme Guide of Beings

To protect this vast earth, teachings and beings
With perfection of unparalleled wisdom, compassion and power
Ripening the fortunate community who aspire to ultimate virtue,
May you remain firm as the Lord of Beings!

May you remain firmly as the Sun of the teachings and beings
Whose activity causes the mandala of hearing, contemplation and meditation to grow,
Illuminating the light of supreme transcendent wisdom,
Clearing darkness of ignorance of the three realms

Having attained a jewel treasury of perfect abandonments and realisations,
May you live long as the supreme guide
Who, with the excellent riches of the four glorious communities,
Leads Tibetans to a new springtime of perfection

To well protect the general Buddhist teachings,
And Tsongkhapa’s stainless teachings until the end of existence,
May you remain as the Lama of beings
With all spontaneously perfected qualities of supreme wisdom, morality and compassion

May you long abide as one whom, when venerated and beseeched,
With profound, single-pointed faith and devotion
By those such as your respectful disciples, it is auspicious that
All Dharmic wishes of infinite beings be effortlessly accomplished

In short, the nectar of all Buddhas’ wisdom, compassion and power
Strongly, well ripening your three secrets,
May you spontaneously accomplish your intention:
To set all these beings in temporary and everlasting happiness!

Through power of the Three Jewels’ blessings, dependent arising and emptiness,
Magical power of hosts of sworn Dharma protectors
Such as Matron of the Three Realms, Begtse and Mahakala,
May all these prayers be accomplished without obstruction

Om Svasti

Paden tobchu paynga shakyaygyel
tsedang yeshe pagme gonposog
kyabyu rabjam gyaway tsognamki
dengdi geleg gyatso’ chachenphog

jinyay mokham gyatso’ jesongway
gyutu’ kopa mangga talaypay
chewa tagyay shingnam legkyongway
paden thupa namki kyechonyi

siri’ tengze botay gyekamsu
khedang dubpay peyon yongzogpay
dampay tungrab tsartu ngarwa yi
tenla tonpay namtar meduchung

losang choki gyatsen dengwaygon
rimjon kunzig tsenki nyenpachen
kyechog wudum waray tengwayi
lungtog thuten pagam ngonpaze

nyimay nyengi donga tenpaysol
zinkhe gedun dupay tsugigyen
yeshe tibtel trinley phunsumtsok
kyegu denpa chogla sowateb

gyachen tento’ nozin kyongwala
damay kyentse nupay payyonzog
dontam gela rabdun keldentsog
minzay ’doway gonpor tenshusol

tosam gompay kyikor rabtugye
kyenrab yeshe nangwa lhammesel
kamsum marig munsel trinleychen
tendo nyima chenpor shabtenshog

pangtog phuntsok norbu zonyeshing
palden deshi’ jorpa sangpoyi
gangchen dola zogden sarpaychi
denpay chepo chogtu shabtenshog

tubten chidang jamgon tsongkhapay
ringlu dinme sitar legkyonglay
maychung khetsun sangpoi’ yontenkun
lhunzog towai’ lama shabtensol

gangla tsechig degu zabmoyi
nyenching sowa tebpay gulobsog
taye yichen chotun samdonkun
bayme dupay getsen yunayshog

dorna gyakun kyentse nupaychu
ganggi sangsum zungsu legminte
tatag dodi teldang tendesar
gopay zhedon lungi dupgyuchig

chogsum jindang tenchung chonyitob
sisum dagmo begche chamtelsog
damten tensung tsogki tinletu
monpay nekun gegme dupgyuchig

This Prayer for the Omniscient Panchen Lama, root of benefit and happiness, Tenzin Gedun Yeshe Trinle Puntsog Pel Zangpo, Gedun Chökyi Nyima, to remain firmly in our world as the fully enlightened Nirmanakaya, immutable Vajradharma, and for his activities’ benefit to the teachings and beings to increase like the waxing moon, is by the Shakya Monk, Holder of the White Lotus, Tenzin Gyatso His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama. It is sent forth from India, Land of the Aryas, with great faith, aspiration and altruism. May all be auspicious!

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