Explanation of Prayer Aspiration

Requesting and offering prayers and aspirations for those in need.
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Explanation of Prayer Aspiration

Post by Wesley1982 » Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:24 pm

I'm technically a "Christian" who is studying Buddhism. I would be leaning toward a Western Catholic view of the religion of Christianity which also led to the study of Eastern religions. My understanding of Jesus doesn't imply anything that I shouldn't do in Buddhist terms. (Moral Comphrensiveness) - Essentially, I think it is about applying my knowledge to something that works and common people can understand. Would a Buddhist object to some practices or beliefs of Christianity?. I think Jesus may have been more enlightened than the original Buddha but who knows? Or maybe the Jesus Christ of Christianity is the "supreme ultimate Bodhisattva" since the narrative in the Christian gospels tell about a man who was crucified and suffered to death to save many & many people. So what are the primary differences between the historical Buddha and Jesus? Christian Scriptures speak of man as a having a soul while Buddhism describes anatta. Christianity coming from Judaism is monotheistic - belief in the Abrahamic religion or the One universal God - Buddhism inherently polytheistic with multiple gods and deities. Not to mention human anthropology and tribal cultures from different regions of the globe. The question of idolatry has probably been around since the idea of worship. The idea of One universal God has probably been around since time began. The Divine Spirit, the Tibetan Spirit, and the Himalayan Spirit - cool. I guess my goal is to study and learn Buddhism but not to forget my Christian obligations.

Please pray - Wesley

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