New Walking Meditation Resources

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New Walking Meditation Resources

Post by DGA » Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:35 pm

Innen Ray Parchello, who leads the Red Maple Sangha in Ontario, Canada, has some new initiatives underway vis a vis walking meditation. Below are some of the highlights from Innen:

Greetings Walking Friends,

I am delighted to announce that my new book, Walk Like A Mountain: The Handbook of Buddhist Walking Practice is now available. I am so happy to finally be able to share this with those of you have an interest in meditation, Buddhism and walking. Walk Like A Mountain is available in print (and in e-reader format soon). The print version retails for $24.95 (Canadian).

The release of Walk Like A Mountain is only the beginning.
With it comes three other important initiatives:

● Padakun
Watch for more announcements on Padakun, a new endeavour, whose purpose is to enhance your walking experience.
● The Walk Like A Mountain Blog
We`ve created this blog to support the book, extend its information and offer a community for contemplative walkers,
Visit the WLM Blog at:" onclick=";return false;
● The Society for Walking as a Contemplative Activity (SAWACA)
As proposed in the book, SAWACA will become the sharing vehicle for all those interested in developing the study and practice of contemplative walking.
Visit the SAWACA blog at:" onclick=";return false;

including a sneak preview of the Preface, visit: ... n-home.htm" onclick=";return false;
The book is also available by direct order from Innen; contact him for details.



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Re: New Walking Meditation Resources

Post by DharmaKitty » Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:36 am

Thank you for this.

As I am going through some "stuff" at the moment - (and yes I know it's the best time to practice), I find it hard to actually sit on my meditation pillow, but have discovered the last 2 days the joy of walking meditation again.
The essence of a real practice is to bring our intellectual understanding to the level of our heart - so as to feel it - to live it!

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Re: New Walking Meditation Resources

Post by joy&peace » Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:43 am

Walking meditation is among my favorites. :good:

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