Sensations in head on and off-meditation

Discussion of meditation in the Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions.
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Sensations in head on and off-meditation

Postby Maas » Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:35 pm

Dear friends,

I have this experience and since I am practicing quite isolated and have no one to share them with, I thought maybe it's worthwhile to share them here.

I am practicing Vipassana, have been on two courses and currently practice twice an hour daily. During retreats I had experiences of gross solidified and sometimes irritating sensations throughout the body, these tended to come in waves and would vanish part by part if I remained equanimous.

Off retreats in my daily practice, I feel some gross solidified sensations too, but merely in the region of my head. They tend to manifest on my face and entire skull and have the characteristics of worm-like structures moving around, sometimes made of water, sometimes made of ice.

As I try to always be aware of the sensations of the body when not meditating, I experience these solidified sensations in and on my head almost during the whole day. I try to be as equanimous as possible and mostly do not react to them. At times these sensations become more gross and solidified and this results in me feeling not in tune with myself, I become less clear-minded and feel like my brain is freezing and I can't access some parts of it. For instance, sometimes I can't come up with words that I want to say. Another funny things is that often when I scan through and past these sensations, my head or my body tends to move or jerk in the direction I am scanning.

These experiences are occuring for a month or three now.

If someone here has had these experiences or has knowledge of these experiences I would very much love to hear from you.



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Re: Sensations in head on and off-meditation

Postby reddust » Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:00 pm

Hi Maas,

I'm a vipassana meditator,

Most of us experience the weird warping of body and the odd feelings on the head. Usually focus is being forced and you need to relax. It's hard to not pay attention to the head when you get these weird feelings. You have to keep scanning bit by bit and don't get stuck in one area. Focus on other areas of the body and feel them, most importantly you have to relax. Forcefully focusing on the area around the nose also will make the head feel weird too. I can't give anymore advice, you can go to the and find some help there as well.

Don't worry, your head won't explode, it may feel like it, mine did and I am still here 20 years later. :twothumbsup:

EDIT....I was told not meditate late at night, after 9pm and if you get the weird pressure while you are trying to sleep, focus on the sensation on the palms of your hands or the bottom of your feet. That will help you relax. Eventually your sensation will even out if you keep scanning and not staying in one place on the body.
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Re: Sensations in head on and off-meditation

Postby Maas » Fri Jan 31, 2014 2:12 pm

Hi reddust,

Thank you for your kind reply, the tip to relax seems to work. 'Coincidentally' yesterday I listened to a talk by Jospeh Goldsten on Conciousness, Perception, Mindfullness, and Wisdom. While I was concious of the sensations and there was alswo perception, I was not very mindful of them, mindfulness led to relaxation in this case. They have less control now.

Thank you also for refering me to!



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Re: Sensations in head on and off-meditation

Postby theanarchist » Sat Feb 01, 2014 12:02 am

Maas wrote:As I try to always be aware of the sensations of the body when not meditating, I experience these solidified sensations in and on my head almost during the whole day.

Wow, that sounds really unhealthy. The object has become an obstacle to meditation.

You are paying much too much attention to those experiences and get too tense about them. They will go away when you stop watching how your body feels. You could switch to another meditation focus (but if you pay too much attention to that it will also create problems). Maybe you should alternate your meditation objects and shamata without an object.

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Re: Sensations in head on and off-meditation

Postby garudha » Wed Apr 30, 2014 4:10 pm

Hi, Maas,

I've experienced something very similar. I'm not saying that it's the same but it would appear to be. Around the time I had a strong inner fire, from meditation, I'd get "wriggles" under my skin. Yes, felt like worms or ripples traversing across my skin.

I noticed that if I was speaking to someone who I didn't comfortable with, then my negative feeling would cause the wriggles to be stronger or even break out from nowhere. There was slight muscle twitching too.

Assign it as kundalini (syndrome) if you like. I did and found some good information on wikipedia.

Ultimately It all comes down to the heath of your body and the state of your mind.

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Re: Sensations in head on and off-meditation

Postby Kaccāni » Wed Apr 30, 2014 4:18 pm

Feeling the body is not a problem. It is just feeling the body. Those sensations are there. There´s nothing bad to them, but also nothing special.
If you´re feeling the body, and not creating any concept out of it, then you´re also in the now.
Thus tuning in to the body can help stay in the now.
But as long as there are concepts created from it, illusion arises.
If there are concepts created from trying to avoid feeling it, also illusion arises.
It´s just what your body feels like, and sometimes in meditation you will find something you never paid attention to, so it never became conscious. Or some kind of cramp relaxes, that your thoughts were holding, and you feel the corresponding relaxing in the body. When you´re not used to it that might make you re-cramp.
Just let it come and pass.

Best wishes
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