Advice for meditation

Discussion of meditation in the Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions.
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Advice for meditation

Post by headless » Fri Oct 14, 2011 1:57 am

During sitting meditation, everything quietens down but post-meditation, when the routine of the normal life kicks back in, the suffering just gets amplified. Why?

Take the feeling of anxiety for example when i'm feeling it in my body, what is the appropriate view or stance I should take, in order not to 'dwell' or 'indulge' in the suffering of anxiety itself? I always end up getting caught in the negative states of mind and can't seem to free myself from them.

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Re: Advice for meditation

Post by Tarpa » Fri Oct 14, 2011 7:58 am

This is normal, it's because you are more aware now of what was always there, the incessant neurosis of the mind, suffering etc., when the mind gets a taste of the calmness of meditation it becomes more aware of the noise so to speak. Also the mind can be like a rubber band, if you try too hard or are too tense with meditation sessions the mind can snap back like a rubber band in post meditation, being more relaxed and gentle with med sessions may help if that's the case, or maybe shorter sessions, getting properly relaxed before a session.

I've struggled with anxiety before, it really sucks and isn't easy. Aside from certain herbs, burning Tibetan incense helped me because it's medicinal, tons of brands and they are all relaxing and many are specially formulated for stress, I use Red Crystal. Try focusing on the anxiety, feel it out, what the hell is it and where the hell does it come from, where does it abide, try relating to it as an energy without the emotional and mental aspects and just be with it and mix that with the view. Meditate on the emptiness of the aggregates, the emptiness of self and the anxiety. In post meditation try focusing on the soles of your feet contacting the ground when you walk and try to remain as present and mindful as possible, when the mind starts freaking out try to stay focused on just whatever you are doing and try not to follow the thoughts. Try to keep the recollection of the calmness you feel in meditation in your mind during post meditation like a glowing ember from a fire and use that as a basis, a reference point, if that gives some feeling of soothing then it will help, like a comfort zone, focus on relaxing and let everything melt into that ocean, like snowflakes on the sea.
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