Buddhist boy discriminated against in Louisianna

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Buddhist boy discriminated against in Louisianna

Post by kirtu » Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:08 am

The ACLU has brought suit against a Louisiana school for bullying and discriminating against a Buddhist boy. Here is the step-father's statement at the ACLU website. Here is a Times-Picayne artivle about the case.

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Re: Buddhist boy discriminated against in Louisianna

Post by muni » Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:04 am

:heart: Many many love to the boy…as well to the teacher lacking warm heart/peace.

Then I am so thinking on the opposite: How can there be a follower of the buddha when we build walls around us? How can there be any thing to divide other then by own discrimination?
This is what this is teaching for me!
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Re: Buddhist boy discriminated against in Louisianna

Post by steveb1 » Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:47 pm

Well ... not to run along the beach until sniffing something negative and then start rolling around in it ... but I feel compelled to say something.

This kind of thing is becoming all too common in the US. Christian fundamentalism is gaining a pernicious grip on the public school system, from teaching Creationism/ID as "science", to unfairly treating non-Christian students.

Needless, this kind of behavior is "unAmerican" at its base because it violates "classic Americanism's" basic principle of fair play and freedom and respect for all citizens, regardless of their race, color, creed or psycho-sexual orientation.

Introducing the "under God" phrase into the Pledge of Allegiance was a fundamentalist ploy which rendered, and continues to render, honest recitation of the pledge by non-fundamentalists inauthentic if not impossible. Same with introducing prayer into the public classroom. Non-theists and non-Christians cannot participate (not that they would with to do so), but worse, their rights are totally negated. Moreover, those who might wish to participate are barred: Can you imagine a Hindu prayer, or the Shin Buddhist Nembutsu being permitted in a Christian-fundamentalist-dominated classroom?

Enough is enough. Progressive Americans need to stand up against these fascistic religious totalitarians ... or risk losing the country to enemies of freedom.

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