Media Propoganda...Easter island-population

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Media Propoganda...Easter island-population

Post by ronnewmexico » Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:55 pm

The world now contains almost 7 Billion peoples. The consumptive patterns of the largely undeveloped industrial biased world, if they did resemble the industrialized nations, would approximate 32 Billion people in environmental impact. Parts of the world, significant parts, population wise, seem to be making that transition as we speak.

Now easter island has been long known in anthropological context to be a small example of populaion expansion in a unsustainable fashion. The lands were eventually deforested and fished areas were thought to loose their ability to regain and provide for the populations.

NOw theism, not all theism but a large part..... contains a edict from god to go forth and propogate. So expansions of populations are part and parcel.

Most recently I have noticed the evidenciary of easter island being reinvented to include things of external nature as opposed to population increases being a principal causual factor in the tragedy that apparently occured there.

Wikipedia for one in their article on easter island little really mentions the relevent point and a recent discovery channel issue on easter island states rats not people as being cause.

Now I am in no fashion a anthropologist but can find a hundred good reasons why a population starving and subject to degrees of cannabilism by most reports would not allow rats to be a predominate factor in their demise....mostly because of the simple fact any rat would be summarily eaten way way prior to causeing such demise. These great amount of rats are thought(in this supposed scientific based documentary) to have eaten each and every palm nut on the island. How they managed to take down each and every large tree on the island is beyond my comprehension(perhaps a sequel with rats controlling machine saws and such is forthcoming). And since such pacific island peoples seems to have no cultural admonishments against consumption of such rodents this seems highly unlikely.

I would anticipate a few may escape and not be eaten and thusly be able to propogate to todays levels in that place, but the contention.....flies in the fact of reality and is patently absurd.

Why is that accepted? Why is the earth not being the center of the universe accepted fact for thousands of years when any evidence present observing stars planets and such points against it? Anyone could watch a night sky and see we are revolving not them. Planets seems to conflict directly with observation of such nature quite obviously and planets are readily observable to the naked eye.
Secondarily why was the existance of other planets exempt from our particular solar system just recently accepted as fact? Was it a question of observable fact or a observable fact conflicting with a theological view?

Propoganda supporting itself as fact to support religious ideology is my contention is the most predominate cause, as is the recent portrayal of easter island.

It cannot be allowed, in even the very minutest form, for anyone to suppose population increase in and by itself, in majority, to be found to cause human life to end prematurely, and degrade life in its quality. To render a environment unsustainable for the majority of its population.

So we delude ourselves, or in this specific, the media deludes us with the perposterous nonsense clothed as factual in orign. The american, for instance, will only accept global warming as being fact when undeniable catastrophy presents which will probably finally occur when the greenland icecap totally devolves and thousand upon thousands of square miles of ice pack removes from land areas into water areas to cause sea rise in a very short period of time of up to 15 feet.

But this seems pretty clearly a example of propoganda. Clear certainly in that portrayal, but a bit more subtle, is the wiki article which seems to dodge the issue of easter island. I assume wiki must center articles to devolve extreem input and the result while perhaps mainstream, may not reflect fact. Wiki mentions it, but it really is not center to why easter island is important in a historical context.

So in any event we are doomed....ideology will overrule....the earth will continue to be populated with extreem numbers of peoples which will result eventually in many many billions dying prematurely and the rest living nonlivable lives. Some will survive but as in the example of easter island in very reduced numbers and with religions which in no manner resemble those prior to the catastrophy.The idea only the bad would suffer and die or that this would be a cosmic equalizing force from which we could learn from and grow, would fly in the face of the great great tragedy that is soon to occur.

So I post this on this board in news and current events.,
"This order considers that progress can be achieved more rapidly during a single month of self-transformation through terrifying conditions in rough terrain and in "the abode of harmful forces" than through meditating for a period of three years in towns and monasteries"....Takpo Tashi Namgyal.

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