Ivanka sits in for Trump at G20

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Re: Ivanka sits in for Trump at G20

Post by Johnny Dangerous » Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:55 am

The Cicada wrote: So we agree on this. That Hillary was ever a viable candidate was the premise that my post was written to respond to. If you agree that she is indefensible, we're just chatting in the same choir.
Yeah, definitely not. Trump is awful and it's sad that he has played on misanthropy, xenophobia and anxiety to garner support. He is s already breaking every single promise he made to all those rural, workin' stiffs you say you care about. HIllary was awful, but acting like Trump is a solution to...anything..is a joke. A symptom , yes, definitely. A solution or good outcome, lawd no. Just more wealth being siphoned upwards, off the backs of the people Trump won his election with, some of which I'm sure will go to those Wall Street cats you are so concerned with.
I can hardly wait to see his 'infrastructure' stuff at work - i.e. selling off what remains of the commons to his friends so they can let it fall apart and profit off it.

Along with that, we get the political empowerment of guys who think we can culturally return to 1950...ridiculous.

Well, maybe I could get a bit of information from you here. Please explain to me what you think I intended to communicate here, and then I can clarify if I'm a lie or if I ain't.

Naw, I'll pass. Wanted to mention the rural vs. urban thing because it's not the first time i've seen someone recently idealize the rural poor as some paragon of self-sufficiency who don't need cities, when the reality is nothing like that.
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