Trump isn't nuts

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Jeff H
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Trump isn't nuts

Post by Jeff H » Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:17 pm

I thought this article, Trump Isn’t Nuts, was very interesting. It’s an interview with the psychiatrist who was a major contributor to the DSM IV’s diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder. Here are a few quotes.
Allen Frances wrote:We desperately have to contain this dangerous, impulsive, irritable, ignorant, despicable president. But we’re not going to contain him by idle, sideline, armchair, impotent psychiatric diagnosis. The only way to contain him is through political action. The ruminations about his psychology, his mental status, his psychiatric diagnosis are a terrible distraction from the political steps that need to be taken by Congress immediately and by the voters in the midterm election.

Confusing mad and bad is a very dangerous precedent. It’s not at all restricted just to Trump. The National Rifle Association happens to believe that whenever there’s a mass murder, the person must have been crazy. It’s not the guns that did it; it’s the crazy person. They actually work hard to get the mentally ill more armed. They are against laws that restrict arms for the mentally ill, but then the minute there’s a serial murder, any kind of homicide, it’s the crazy person who did it, not the gun. We are criminalizing mental illness. We have 350,000 people with mental illness in jail because they couldn’t get treatment. We’re medicalizing bad behavior.

Trump is not a one-off. We act as if we could just remove Trump from office, we would return to societal sanity. Trump is a symptom of our disease, not the disease itself. He’s a reflecting mirror on our soul and the image is not pretty. The racism, misogyny, LGBT prejudice [and] xenophobia that partly brought him to office—these issues need to be addressed. These things are not just an aspect of Trump.

All [Murdoch] has to do is turn Fox News against Trump and Trump is toast.

Rupert Murdoch, in fact, controls the political fate of America. So we have one person of dubious good will who determines who’s going to be president of the United States. I think that it shouldn’t be like that. We the people have to take back our country. Democracy is a very fragile thing in the history of the world. Even the Athenian democracy lasted for just about 70 years. Democracy is not a given. Our democracy now is under threat.

We only have four defenses of democracy. Congress, which has been a disgusting failure. The courts, which have done their best, but god knows what will happen with Trump’s appointments to the Supreme Court and lower courts. The media, which have been good but have been largely discredited in the minds of many because of Trump’s propaganda campaign. Then we the people. We’ve been very inactive. I’m very disappointed that there wasn’t more obvious pushback in this last year against Trump.
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Re: Trump isn't nuts

Post by Grigoris » Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:03 pm

Well said! Though I am of the opinion that Trump is bad AND mad.
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Re: Trump isn't nuts

Post by Mantrik » Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:12 pm

I love this comment from Rod Liddle in The Times about Trump's recent mental health check:

''One task required him to look at a picture of a camel and identify it as a camel, rather than as a liver sausage, a motor vehicle or a planet. I suspect several world leaders could accomplish that, even Angela Merkel. It is true the test was originally devised for French Canadians, so the bar may have been set low.''

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