Acupuncture and Primary Care in Nepal

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Acupuncture and Primary Care in Nepal

Post by Mr. G » Sun Jan 01, 2012 4:44 pm

PORT TOWNSEND — A Chimacum High School graduate who screened his first cinematic effort at the 2011 Port Townsend Film Festival is in Nepal filming a story about acupuncture and alternative medicine.

Tristan Stoch filmed “Clarity” around Port Townsend in January.

The film told the story of a young man who had gone missing and an old friend's effort to track him down. The 30-minute film drew standing-room-only audiences at all its screenings.

Broaden horizons

That inspired Stoch to broaden his horizons, according to Janette Force, festival executive director.

“Tristan is the poster child for everything we are all about: a small community that hosts a world-class film festival,” Force said.

“He was so inspired about telling the story to an audience that he decided he needed to broaden his scope, and we should all be inspired about how he is using his talent as a filmmaker to tell an important story.”

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Help fund their film on Kickstarter:

Compassion Connects: Acupuncture and Primary Care in Nepal
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